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Tax increases call rates to Pakistan up-to 12¢/min. What Yello offers?

January 1, 2014 by Hamza Kutub

Pakistan has a long history of migration. People have been migrating to western countries even before the creation of Pakistan in 1947. According to various estimates Overseas Pakistanis are estimated to be around 7-10 million. This includes Pakistani citizens working and living abroad and second and third generations of Pakistanis, whose ancestors migrated from their homeland during colonial era.

Like other Asian communities Pakistanis have maintained strong links with their brethren back in their historical homeland. Most of first and second generation Pakistani immigrants like to keep in touch with their family and friends back home. Until last year calling Pakistan from outside was not an issue as you could’ve made an international VoIP call to Pakistan for as little as 1.5 cent per minute.

In June 2013 Government of Pakistan introduced new tax on incoming international calls. As a result of this new tax call rates have risen to an average of 12 cents per minute. Many VoIP providers are even charging up to 15 cents per minute for international calls to Pakistan.

This has an adverse effect on Pakistanis living abroad, as most of the people will certainly not be able to pay 15 cents per minute. Due to this steep rise in prices most of the Pakistanis based overseas have reduced the frequency and duration of their calls back home.

Yello offers cheap calls to Pakistan

If you are an overseas Pakistani and want to make cheap calls to Pakistan then avail the cheap international calling rates of Yello. Yello prices are quite low as compared to other similar services. Yello charges 9 cents per minute, for calls to all numbers in Pakistan with no strings attached.

Once you register with Yello, you will get a free credit of 20 cents. After using this free credit you can top up your account for as little as $5. Though tax has increased the calling rates to Pakistan up-to 12 cents but Yello is the only company which is offering the cheapest call rates to Pakistan.

Due to their cheapest call rates in the industry, Yello is gaining popularity among Pakistani diaspora worldwide and is expected to become leading calling platform for Pakistani Expats.

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