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Ice Storm in Canada, Time to call loved ones to share their misery!

January 2, 2014 by Hamza Kutub

On the eve of Christmas and New Year; Canadians were forced to face the wrath of an Ice Storm. This Ice storm affected power supply, communications and daily life in Central and Atlantic Canada. State of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick. This resulted in power outages and a total collapse of basic amenities. More than a million residents were affected and hundreds of thousands of Canadians have to spend Christmas without power supply and heating.

Thankfully loss of life has been minimal and only few dozen people have died due to preventive measures taken by the authorities. Just in city of Toronto more than 700,000 people were left without power and this was the case in other places also. Power loss for a long time period disturbed heating systems which are essential to keep warm in such cold climate. This has resulted into horrible experience for most of the residents in these States.

This Ice Storm has spoiled the festive season and many families were not able to celebrate Christmas and New Year. You or someone, whom you know, have loved ones in North East America or Canada. This is a time when they need your support even if it is a call. Connect with them using Free Call feature of VoIP dialer app like Yello, over internet or Mobile Internet, and share their misery at this particular time. They need your support to get ahead of this troubled time.

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