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2014 has started. Have you started making calls using a VoIP app?

January 3, 2014 by Hamza Kutub

A New Year has started so obviously many people have made New Year Resolutions. Most of us are thinking about the past year and certainly trying to change something or develop new plans for life. According to experts, maximum numbers of resolutions are related to finance and budgeting in one way or the other.

On New Year’s Eve people are busy making plans for next year’s spending and how they can manage their finances in a better way. We have a way which can help you in saving considerable amount of money over 2014. Phone bills are a considerable expense for people who need to connect with others. These calls can be to your loved ones, for the business, the enquiry of your admission in some international institute, connecting back while on travel, etc. Without knowing, over a span of year, a person may have spent thousands of dollars just over phone calls made through his landline and mobile.

VoIP calling services such as Yello can help you in lowering your phone bills. VoIP telephony is emerging as a serious competitor to traditional phone companies due to cheaper rates, better features and ease of use. Yello offers one of the cheapest calling rates in the industry and you can call anywhere on this planet just for few cents a minute.

Although until now VoIP has been used for long distance international calls but, its use for domestic calls has been rising at an explosive rate. Now most of the landline phones can also handle VoIP calls and have this functionality inbuilt. So, you no more need to install some time-consuming software or call using your computer. You can make a VoIP call through your Smartphone or tablet.

If you are not using VoIP calling services give it a shot in 2014 and feel the two differences; first is to meet the resolution related to finance and budgeting in one way or other. Second difference is, stay connected to loved ones for as long as you content. 

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