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What are the benefits of VoIP call over traditional call?

January 6, 2014 by Arslan Yaqub

VoIP calling services are becoming popular at an explosive rate. Consumers all around the world have discovered the benefits of VoIP calls. And some experts believe that VoIP services have already become the preferred medium for long distance international calls.

Although cheap calling rates remain the main reason for popularity of VoIP calling services, but there is certainly much more to VoIP calling services than cheap rates. In this article we will discuss main benefits of VoIP call over traditional call.

Better Quality

VoIP calls are more reliable and generally have better call quality than their traditional counterparts. If your Internet connection is fast enough then you will rarely experience drop calls and there are no misplaced calls as it happens often with traditional calls.


VoIP services are easy to use and very flexible. You can sign up for an account with a VoIP service such as Yello and use the same account from your Android Smartphone, iPad or computer without having to register a separate account for each of your devices.

More features

In addition to traditional call features such as call divert, call forward VoIP companies offer much more, many VoIP providers offer Voicemail to Email, VoIP integration with database and other business applications. This combination of various features simply makes VoIP irresistible.

Low call rates

VoIP calls are much cheaper than traditional calls. Most of the people use VoIP calling services such as Yello for making long distance international calls, but VoIP services are also a good option for making domestic calls.

Much more than calls

VoIP can be used for many other purposes other than just making calls. It can also be used for video call conferencing, relay rich content to your computer etc.

This is just a small list of benefits of VoIP calls and VoIP technology in general; there are many other features which vary from provider to provider. But one thing is clear that over long term VoIP will emerge as the preferred medium for calling and slowly traditional calling will fade in to the history.

If you are ready to make this leap of faith then just install Yello and feel the difference in VoIP calls and traditional calls.

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