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Haven't talked home this Christmas? Don’t miss next time with Yello

January 7, 2014 by Hamza Kutub

At the time of Christmas and New Year most of us want to spend time with our families and friends. But a good number of people who are based in other countries due to business, education, work or other things won’t have this luxury, most often. Due to high international call rates many people are not able to talk back home on Christmas and New Year. Even if they make a call they are forced to finish it within few minutes to save money.

Most mobile operators charge exorbitant prices for long distance international calls and this is the biggest barrier for communicating with your family and friends back home. You will personally know many people who haven’t talked with their family on this Christmas and may be you also faced the same problem this Christmas. If you too are one of them then you don’t need to worry anymore. Yello has a simple solution to this problem. You can make extremely cheap international calls to any number and any country with VoIP app called Yello.

Yello offers cheap calls to any number and any country on this planet. Yello offer calls as low as 1₵ per minute and have many other features in addition to voice calling. Cheapest international calling rates separate Yello from similar VoIP services and calling cards. Calling card companies are notorious for hidden surcharges which can significantly increase call charges. Although this practice is widespread but as there is no regulator to monitor charges for calling cards so, companies continue overcharging their customers.

Most often consumers are not foretold about these hidden charges and this comes as a shock to many. On the other hand Yello never charges you a cent more than the price displayed on the website. And you can be sure that with Yello you will never overpay for international calls.

In addition every new Yello user gets a free credit of 20₵ when they register on the site or install Yello on their smartphone or tablet. You can use this free balance for making some small test calls. And later on you can top up your account with as little as $5.

So, register with Yello and make sure that next Christmas you will not be forced to spend your Christmas without any contact with your family.

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