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Looking for cheap calls to India? Ask Yello for an answer!

January 8, 2014 by Arslan Yaqub

Indian Diaspora is considered to be around 35 million people who are based in almost every country on this planet. Indians abroad maintain extensive links with their country of origin and like other immigrant groups; this tendency is extremely strong among first generation immigrants.

So, it’s obvious that Non Resident Indians or NRI frequently interact with their family and friends through phone. This huge Diaspora is the reason why India has one of the highest incoming international call traffic. Calling Cards remain the preferred calling method for Indians based overseas.

There are many reasons for this and the most important reason is low penetration of internet which doesn't allow calling someone in India with an Internet Based application. But now things have started changing as more and more people are abandoning calling cards in favor of VoIP based services.

If you are looking for a cheap call rates to India then try Yello, a new VoIP calling App which offers extremely cheap calling rates as well. With Yello you can call any number in India just for $0.01 per minute.

Students and migrant blue collar workers are the biggest group of Indian Diaspora and for both of these groups; every penny counts. Students are normally short on cash and most often work part time jobs to meet ends and blue collar workers have to feed many mouths. So, it’s no surprise that they try to save as much money as possible.

As calling back home is also essential and many people end up paying exorbitant rates for talking to their family and friends back home. In addition to high calling rates there are various other issues with calling cards such as hidden charges and other fees which are not mentioned to users in advance. These fees can significantly increase already high calling rates by anywhere from 5-20%.

If you really want to call India cheaply to your friends and famly, then you must try Yello. It offers cheapest calling rates to India and calls start as low as 1₵ per minute. Unlike other operators, Yello charge same rate for landline and mobile calls to India. There are no hidden charges involved and you’ll pay the fixed price of 1₵ per minute for calling any number in India. You can further check your calling history in your online account to confirm what is actually charged.

For any first time user Yello comes with a free account balance of 20₵ which you can use initially. You can also make a top up in your account for as little as $5. In addition This is really a service of its own kind in comparison to similar services. Don't anymore be scared of paying higher charges for your calls as mostly other service providers charge you higher and most often hidden.

Enjoy a new refreshing experience.


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