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Why make a call, charged by mobile operator in the age of Internet?

January 9, 2014 by Waqas Nasir

Over the last few years Internet has changed the way humans interact with each other. The most profound impact has been on communications as now we use social media networks to share photos, use VoIP services to make calls and use various messenger services to chat with friends.

Rise of Internet based communication has truly converted world into a global village. You can better assess your vendors, customers, peers, employees, employers, etc. Name anything and you can approach to it in fraction of seconds. This internet revolution impacts greatly to find new opportunities in every corner of the world. This is the time when we always seek solution to connect as cheap as free.

VoIP, voice over internet protocol, played a tremendous role in bridging the ever increasing communication divide which has haunted mankind since antiquity. Graham Bell invented telephone but he never knew that the human can ever be able to move many traffics of voice on a single cable. VoIP calls are much cheaper and of high quality when compared with traditional calling services provided by local mobile operators.

Sadly, majority of the people have failed to take advantage of this technological breakthrough and continue to make calls in the old fashioned way of landline and mobile calls. By doing so that part of population is spending much more and keeping themselves away from the benefits of VoIP based calls.

VoIP call service providers, like Yello, Viber, Rebtel, charge a fraction of the call rate that is being charged by your local phone operators. If one of the persons in a call doesn’t has access to a VoIP dialer app, cheap calling rates provided by VoIP call providers make it possible to reach the other person. Inexpensive call rates are not The End of the story; VoIP calling services also have a much better call quality with very few drop calls or misplaced connections.

Most of the times to dial a VoIP call users need to download dialer app on their Smartphone. There may come a genuine objection from the users with old mobile phones or landline numbers; what do we do to make international calls on the same cheap international call rates? VoIP call providers like Yello provided a practical solution to this issue, Local Access Number. The name of the service is self explanatory, let me rephrase it for you; access a local number to dial the destination number to avail the same cheap call rates. Sounds great?

This service literally solved the issue. Login to your online account; get the detail of Local Access Number for your local region like USA, UK, Europe and Asia. Once you have it call your desired destination like India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea; wait, better check yourself the cheap call rates to your desired destination you want to dial and enjoy the quality call.

Above the cheap call rates there are other benefits too using VoIP dialer app from VoIP call providers like Yello, Rebtel, etc. You can also make a Free Call to your desired person. Although in order to make free calls both users need to have same VoIP dialer app like Yello installed on their smart devices like iPhone, Android Phone and Blackberry.

While at Rome Do as Roman Do – you should start using VoIP calls through dialer apps like Yello, Rebtel or Viber over WiFi or 3G. Literally, I have reduced my phone bills by switching to VoIP calling services. One of my resolution for 2014 is to keep my mobile bill as limited as it can be. I am completely determined that I will try to achieve it every month. What resolution you made for 2014? Did you put reducing your mobile bills to minimum? If not please give a second thought to it.

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