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What does a Cheap International Call means to you?

January 13, 2014 by Ammar Zaheer

I, came across a rather interesting fact the other day when I went out to shop. There was this lady at a cloth shop who selected an array of different fabrics she wanted to buy. Next began the amazingly long process of bargaining. The shopkeeper began by asking for an outrageously high price, that I knew nobody in their right mind would be willing to pay. The lady countered the offer with an amazingly low quote that I again knew the shopkeeper could not possibly accept. They countered each others offer and negotiated for about a quarter of an hour, when they finally reached a price that was acceptable to both parties and this long and loud process ended.

I was genuinely interested as to why shopkeepers ask for prices they know people are going to argue on and his reply amazed me. He said they quote a high price because there is a certain part of the clientele that is actually put off by low prices thinking that inexpensive stuff is bound to be of poor quality. It really had me thinking that perhaps the only measure of quality today is in terms of how much a certain product costs.

Do cheap international calls mean cheap quality calls?

I learned that same is the case with cheap international calls. People actually believed that if the call was cheap, it would be of a bad quality. There will likely be disruptions, a lot of background noise, repeatedly broken connection and overall bad voice quality.

Undoubtedly, the cost matters but why does price and quality have to be at odds with each other? The simple answer to the question is that they don’t have to be at opposite poles. It is quite possible to make a call which has amazing voice quality and connectivity, while being inexpensive.

All it requires is a little research and it is quite possible to have an international call vendor that provides affordable call rates with amazing quality. I cannot emphasize enough on how rates cannot be the measure of quality.

Cheap international calls mean inexpensive calling rates?

While it is normal for everyone to want to save money, they often just end up buying the expensive product or using the call package with higher rates, because of the mentality that the price is an indicator of the quality and by spending a few extra bucks, they will save themselves a lot of hassle. While this may be true for some products, a ‘cheap international call’ is another matter.

A cheap international call would be the one, which offers its customers inexpensive calling rates to anywhere they wish to call, along with instant connectivity, amazing voice quality, no back ground noise and hassle free dialing. One has to raise their expectations to get the best out of someone. If people continue to believe that low price mean compromised quality, the calling services will not do much to change that belief because let us face it, its beneficial for them. But if customers start to expect and demand more, they are likely to be provided with services that are both cheap as well as of good quality.

I hope you would have come across the fact that in case of international calling, again, clients are actually looking for low calling rates, but with no compromise on quality. There are companies like Yello which provides 20C credit to test the service in terms of voice and connection. Once you are satisfied with the service you can go with it confidently.

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