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Biggest hassle: International calling rates. How to make cheap calls?

January 15, 2014 by Hamza Kutub

Globalization has reduced the barriers between countries and many claim that we live in a global village where distances between people no longer matters. This is true but not completely. Due to long distance calling through the internet, keeping in touch with friends and family has become easier. But, even now many barriers exist.

High international calling rates are the biggest obstacle in hassle free communication. This poses a serious problem for people who are temporarily or permanently away from their home country. This is a problem which affects international travelers, tourists, students and migrant workers based overseas.

But now; you can make free international calls with the new voice calling app named Yello. There are many VoIP based apps available in the market and the obvious question is how Yello, because it is better than other similar apps.

First of all, Yello has the cheapest rates for international calling in the industry. It doesn’t matters whether you want to call from Europe to Asia or from Asia to North America, international calling rates charged by Yello is a small fraction of call rates charged by your mobile operators.

Once you have installed Yello App, on your Android, iPhone or Blackberry, you will discover that it’s much more than a VoIP platform. Unlike other apps, Yello gives you the option to make a cheap international call from your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, tablets, landline and mobile. In addition to calling, you can also send and receive messages.

Most appealing feature of Yello is the ability to make free calls to your friends and family members who have downloaded the Yello app. Even if your loved ones haven’t downloaded the app you can send them an invite via SMS or through social media channels for free of cost. Yello charges nominal fee for calling to most of the countries. In most of the cases Yello is 98% cheaper than what you will pay to a carrier such as Vodafone or AT&T or Etisalat. In fact this fee is among the lowest in the industry.

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