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Amazing call rates for top 15 international destinations to save your $

January 16, 2014 by Ammar Zaheer

There is this really interesting ad on television about comparing insurance policies, before buying one. It makes one stop and thinks if actually there is a need for comparison, when we go out to purchase a product or service. I have reached a conclusion that this comparison is extremely important, for no service is exactly like it promises to be. There always are some stipulations or glitches that are unresolved and can cause a lot of problems for us.

I have to call abroad regularly because I have family living there and also because I run a small business that requires me to stay in touch with my clients. The policy advertisement was an eye opener for me and I decided to compare different calling services to see if the service I am using is better than the rest or was I just being robbed blind. In my heart, I had a feeling that this was going to be a complete waste of time; after all how could there be much difference in international calling? But I was, oh, so wrong.

I previously used calling cards to save money on phone calls. They were a relatively cheaper option as compared to direct calling and their voice quality and service was not altogether bad.

However, after hearing about the new Yello dialer and putting Yello vs calling cards, I realized I was literally throwing away my money while I could be doing something more useful with it. Yello is so much cheaper than the calling cards.

Let me share a list of Top 15 destinations to call with Yello to help you find cheap call rates for your desired countries.

Call Rates Of Top 15 International Destinations

 Yello gave a new meaning to cheap international calls. Its rates are so economical and cheap that I was literally shocked. In addition, its connectivity is amazing and voice quality beyond crystal clear. There are no hidden charges on Yello calls and no expiry dates on credit. All top ups and billing can be taken care of online with the Yello account. Compare your international call rate provider with Yello to see which is cheaper.

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