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International calls from US and Canada to Pakistan are cheaper with Yello

January 20, 2014 by Waqas Nasir

Here at Yello we are always thinking of ways for you to cut your international calling bill, and the good news we have this month is that using Yello when placing international calls from USA to Pakistan or international calls from Canada to Pakistan is one of the cheapest, 9¢/min, if not the cheapest way to call.

 Call Rates To Pakistan

Yello have spent months doing market research which suggests that they are a market leader in the market for international call provision. Simply put, Yello makes it cheaper for you to make calls, wherever you are calling from. One of the issues that cropped up in the research Yello performed was that there are lots of people still making calls from the USA and Canada to Pakistan and other countries using outdated methods of communication and paying far more for the calls than they actually could be paying if they were using Yello to make the exact same calls.

Yello has decided to try to get the word out to these callers in particular that using Yello can actually save you an awful lot of money. One of the things that people need to do is keep an open mind and be open to trying new calling methods like Yello to make international calls as people tend to stay in their comfort zone when it comes to placing an international call. If you are willing to try new things you will reap the rewards of being able to use the latest technologies and solutions designed to make your life as an international caller easier.

Yello are continuing to investigate new ways to make the life of the international caller easier, cheaper and quicker. They have hit the nail on the head in relation to international callers placing calls from the USA and Canada to Pakistan when they said that these callers are just not using the best international calling solutions available at the moment and need to switch to modern solutions like Yello to cut the cost of calls and texts and make the international call a smooth, high quality experience.

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