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5 Must Have Android Apps for Travelers

January 21, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Most of us travel when we feel we need a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of our busy routines. With things under control, who does not love to have a soothing and a peaceful traveling experience? Now with the evolution of smartphones, the android apps save your time and money while you are on the verge of planning your trip.In the midst of having your time off, you can depend on a number of android apps specifically designed for traveling that allow your mind to rest at ease.

While on the go, the android apps for travelers allow you to accomplish a bunch of activities without any trouble. From the last minute hotel booking to finding the fastest navigating route to places and from getting strong Wi-Fi signals to getting in touch with your peers and family miles away, android apps for traveler make traveling experience a lot easier than usual. Following are the top 5 must-have android apps for travelers you need to have in your android phone before kicking off for a holiday:

1. Expedia


Expedia has been famous as a booking, information and travel search website. With the mobile app however, Expedia offers some unique factors. Through the Expedia android app, you can easily uncover mobile-associated discounts on last-minute bookings. Additionally, you can access hotel search and flight details at your fingertips. You can also find the best options by viewing the categorical reviews under critical, favorable and recent headings to fetch consistent feedbacks of customers.

2. Gogobot


For any type of traveler, Gogobot dishes interesting list of activities by covering a huge range of places present all around the world. It gives suggestions for friendly family activities, outdoorsy vacationers along with site-seeing, eating and shopping agendas. Keep the suggested activities to the Gogobot itinerary. As you pull the options while on the trip, you can locate the nearby places to visit as well.

3. Urbanspoon


It happens quite often in new cities - people run out of errands and suddenly sense that they are starving. They might hit the food court, but may get tired of it as chopping on something new is the tradition while on holidays. In this case, whipping out Urbanspoon for the nearest recommendation is the ideal choice. Like the Magic Ball 8, Urbanspoon makes sure that you are barking up the correct tree by giving you the best choices. Urbanspoon comes efficiently handy while one is on vacations.

4. Yello


Yello is a superb all-around service which is ideal for every traveler. Yello offers a wide range of features including: free international calls around the globe, free international texts, voicemail and much more. With Yello for android, you can connect with your peers and friends for free while you are witnessing new locations and places. Yello not only offers you free international voicemails, text messages and phone calls, but also allows you to share your location with your friends. Allow your texts to stand out by sending funny emoticons and attachments. The integrated push notifications will let you to know about every text message and call. Whether you are at the hills or enjoying the waves, Yello provides you with the best reception for texts and calls through internet connectivity.

5. Wi-Fi Finder

 Wifi Finder

In case you urgently need access to the internet during your holiday, Wi-Fi finder hunts the nearest hotspot on your smartphone. You can use this app to find the nearest Wi-Fi hot spot quickly and make use of the internet associated apps on the go.

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