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6 Things You May Not Know about Yello International Texting

January 22, 2014 by Soha Naveed

As the social media chatting has departed from our laptop screens, smartphone have taken chatting to next level. These days, everyone is getting on the act of using their smartphone as their mean of having free texting. As local carriers offer various SMS packages and bundles, all that users ask is that whether their smartphone is able to run international texting applications or not? Out of all the android and iPhone applications offering international texting and calls, Yello stands out in the crowd with its impressive features. Want to know what Yello has in store for you?

Follow down and catch the main 6 things Yello offers in terms not only local, but also international texting with your loved ones.

1. Out of the Box alternative for Texting

With just two to three minute registration process, Yello allows you to join the platform quickly. All you need to do is fill basic information about yourself and voila - Yello is ready to use. As you are connected with Wi-Fi or 3G, Yello will deliver and receive your text messages no matter where you are standing.

2. Automatic Contact Adding

One of the interesting features of Yello is that it never bugs you with the contacts. It automatically ties to your mobile number and locates all the contacts. What makes Yello different is that the contacts of your smartphone are divided into 3 categories – showing all the contacts, contacts using Yello and last one show the favorite contacts. This feature makes the Yello experience seamlessly impressive. Yello offers simplicity – you do not have to remember any IM email or username to add a particular user.

3. Radically Cheaper than Usual Offers

Why bother about the heavy chargers of your carriers when you have Yello in loop? Yello offers cheaper international texting rates. The best thing about charges offered by Yello is that the user is charged only when the message is delivered. With zero intentions of spying over your green by charging you extra, Yello keeps the costs minimally cheap. The rates separate Yello from the other VoIP services in the app stores.

4. Group Chats and Bulk Messages

Yello offers bulk messages and group texts. With the barebones look offered by this texting application, it is easy to send messages in bulks or adding your friends in group conversations to share a mutual topic. Yello efficiently offers consolidating services and folds everything under one roof with the single sign in. All you need is the connectivity to the internet to share your experiences with your friends and family even while you are miles away.

5. Text/SMS history

It is always a great debate that mobile operators charge users for many hidden and un-told charges. This is really freaky and especially it hurts a lot when you are texting someone in an international location. Many companies claim that they are transparent with their customers but when it is time to prove, they failed. Yello provides transparency for their users by showing their spent of each and every penny in the Call and SMS History on their website. Login to your web account with Yello, go into Call and SMS history section. Choose the desired dates and check did Yello charge you what they have said?

6. Free Credit

Once you registered with Yello from your smartphone, tablet or even from the website, you will receive 20₵, free credit. In order to witness the reception of call and texts, you can use this credit to make some international test calls and texts. Moreover, you can make a top up of as low as $5 through your web account even on the go.

Yello continues to strive for the best for their users and therefore, they make international texting quick, cheap and easy.

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