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5 Ways to simplify your life with VoIP app

January 23, 2014 by Soha Naveed

We live in the world where the economy is copiously falling day by day. With inflation reaching heights of making peoples’ life more difficult, finding solutions to save our pocket is a dire need for everyone. With such downturned economy, Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP is saving lives of people and businesses in the long run. VoIP protocols possess the feature to run on application layer to collaborate with each other. Just as technology unfolds its miracles on us by making our lives easy, VoIP strikes to let us enjoy at ease.

Since the advent of smartphone, we have witnessed how spectacularly it has dominated our lives. With operating systems like iOS, android and BlackBerry OS, smart phones are giving people the feasibility to enjoy life at ease. With such aim comes VoIP – a beautiful piece of technology that makes communication easy and fast with collaboration with smartphones.

Through its hi-tech technology, VoIP app allows you to make photo messages, video messages, free texts and free calls. As 3G walks with us down to every lane, VoIP app allows you to cut short your expenses by offering such facilities. Cheap, advanced and easy in use, VoIP makes your life easy with its communication solutions. But wait, it gives a lot more than this! Here’s how VoIP app simplifies your life.

1. Compatibility

Whether you own an iPhone, android phone or a BlackBerry, VoIP app is compatible with excellent features on these operating systems. Once you have VoIP app in your smartphone, you can reach all of your contacts on the go. This technology perfectly harmonizes with the needs of its users as it also offers group chats and video calling. Snap and share – share your life experiences through images with your friends and family through VoIP app.

2. Coverage

VoIP app comes with the aim to offer international texts and calls worldwide. You do not need to have contract with cellular companies; through VoIP app, you can connect anytime and anywhere. With Wi-Fi or 3G network, it gives you the option to connect with your peers through the flawless reception for calls and texting. If you are climbing the peaks or feasting on the waves or even skateboarding on the dunes, VoIP app plays its role of delivering and receiving without any geographical limit.

3. Call Log

VoIP apps offer built-in logs for calls. If you have missed any call, do not worry as you can track it down in the call log within your app. For all the record of the calls you have dialed, received and missed, it will show you everything in its log. Not only this, the VoIP apps also offer pop-up notifications to make sure you never miss your text or call.

4. Call History

As economy declines and continues to create problems for people, VoIP app strives as superhero guarding our pockets. The VoIP app like Yello, shows the entire record of the spending made on calls and texts. Login with your IDs and password and track down the charges the VoIP providers charge for certain services. So VoIP not only makes your life easy through its technology, but also saves up your amount by offering complete transparency.

5. Cheaper Rates

As mentioned the transparency offered by VoIP providers, it wouldn’t be a surprise to state how cheap and inexpensive VoIP services are; international calls, international text, etc. These inexpensive services are just two steps away; registration and installation of the app on your smartphone. Installing such apps, like Yello, from the app store of iPhone and android integrated with VoIP services is for free. Such apps also offer free calling and free texting, a plus. Even the charges of international calling are cheaper than the usual costs you pay to your mobile operator.

As said, VoIP leaves no stone unturned in making the life of the users simple. With all these benefits looped in and present under one roof, you will surely not hesitate in using this service. Saving your money and giving you the best user experience, what are you waiting for?

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