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How to apply to an international university? 5 pre-university points

January 24, 2014 by Wishal Raheel

Applying to universities is a quite a hard time for all individuals; applying to universities abroad is even harder! There is just so much that needs to be dealt with that the process of applying often becomes harder than meeting the actual requirements to get an admission in a university! It is very important that a student understands the various steps that he or she needs to go through while applying to an international university. Let’s take a stroll through the various phases that you will have to go through while trying to complete your admission in an international university.

1 – Shortlist all the options

It is very important that you have a list of the universities that you want to apply to shortlisted. Which countries can you move to? What courses are you willing to enroll in? What kind of a budget do you have in mind? All these questions can help you shortlist the universities that you may want to apply to. Once you have a list of a few universities, start planning.

2 – Start Planning

Once you have decided about which universities you want to apply to, you can start preparing. What are the documents needed for these universities in particular? What are their eligibility requirements? What is the best medium of communication when it comes to these universities? These are a few of the most important questions that you will need to answer in this phase of your university application procedure. Once you have sorted all these issues out, start looking cheap mediums to call your international university.

3 – Communication

This is perhaps the most crucial phase of all; the one where you actually get in touch with your university. For this, you need to understand that information over the internet will only get you so close to actually completing your registration procedure; eventually you will have to get in touch with someone from the administration of the university on phone or in person. It is very important to identify which cellular network provider you will be choosing to make these long distance calls. It may sound like a petty issue, but believe me, when you will be required to make multiple long distance and long duration calls every single day, you will understand the importance of this step. Try looking for cheaper alternatives in order to have complete access to uninterrupted communication with your university. Several VoIP providers, such as Yello, offer extremely cheap call rates for the countries like USA, UK, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany etc. There are several other services also available on their VoIP dialer app like free call, free sms, data sharing, video call, etc. with anyone who has that app downloaded in their smartphone, anywhere in the world! Make the most of these VoIP providers and VoIP dialer apps in order to save up on these additional costs. Once you have finalized your VoIP call provider, it’s time to take action. 

4 – Take action

Once you get in touch with the university administration, they will guide you through all the remaining procedures. Basically, you will need to take care of all the procedures that are needed to be able to apply for a visa with the university’s help. You will also be expected to make prior arrangements for accommodation and food, be it on campus or off campus. You will also be required to send copies of all your documents needed for the final stages of the application.

5 – This is it! University of your choice

Once everything has been taken care of, you will be enrolled in the university, of your choice! Make the most of your time at university to be able to improve not only your own life but the lives of others around you!


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