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Why to choose VoIP to make your next inexpensive international call?

January 27, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Communication plays its role in making the world round; rise in pricing globally has lost control over its horses and leaves people strangled in monetary issues. Consider making a phone call to someone living on the other side of the globe. Expensive, isn't it? But why increase your telephone and mobile bills when you can make calls at inexpensive rates?

Moving in the advanced cyber world, it is important to understand how information technology is shaping our lives and allowing us to live in an affordable world. Pondering upon the ways that save up our money is what people are found doing now and then. Voice over IP – VoIP in this case solves the many prevailing problems.

With communication getting costly day by day, VoIP sticks to its reason for development – providing cheap access to communication worldwide. If you are wondering why VoIP is so much in hype, then here is why you need to consider going for it.

1-Cost Efficient

Whether you are standing in your home or in the workplace, VoIP gives cheaper call rates than any other communication service. You can simply cut-down your expenses by making local and long distance calls through VoIP service. All you have to do is refer to VoIP provider and then track down their call rates they offer for the desired destination(s).

You will see yourself that the rates offered by the VoIP provider are literally inexpensive than what your local mobile or land-line operator is offering. On the other hand with your local mobile operators, you have to remain with them and have pay at the end of every month. On contrary for calls through VoIP providers, you only pay for the calls you made.

There is no need to make any long term contracts. Moreover, there is no need of additional phone wires and jacks installations when you are using VoIP.


Users are provided with tremendous flexibility through VoIP. For example, with Wi-Fi or 3G connected, you can take your phone anywhere and make calls or messages there and then. Whether you are camping, staying in a hotel or traveling from one country to another, you can make use of this service on the go.

Making phone calls through VoIP is a much better alternative of expensive package callings. For those frequent travelers who travel a lot or for oversea residents who are away from their families, VoIP is the thing they need. Moreover, on one call, two or more than two people can chat. In VoIP language, this is conference calling.

3-Dial through VoIP App

The major role covered by any VoIP app is to allow users to communicate, to connect over their interface. While connected through 3G, mobile internet or Wi-Fi, you can make calls through the dial-pad integrated in the VoIP app. Integrated Dial-pad picks and shows all the contact from your current phone list. Check if the number you want to make your next international call is in your contact list within the VoIP dialer app otherwise dial your desired number and boom, you are connected.

Smart VoIP dialer also shows the cost/min before dialing the number. Double check that internet is connected on your smart device. Making cheap international call was never so easy!

4- Integrates with Video, Data and Audio Applications

Additional to VoIP, smart VoIP apps is an interesting deal in itself. Smart VoIP allows its users to make video calls on the go. If you are residing overseas for a while and you need to discuss some important things with your boss, using the video calling option by your smart VoIP app makes the deal easy.

If you’re away from your computer screen, you can share your important data and attachments through the text service found in the VoIP app. The best part is, you can share your data and communicate on cheap international and local rates. In easier words, all you need is a smart VoIP app for communication and sharing on the go.

This saves your energy and money by combining various services under one application. You can also use your phone and access other programs at the very same time like Facebook and Google +. A real contentment is possible through these smart VoIP apps, isn't it?

5- Dial through local access number with your old mobile or land-line

Local access number is a number provided by your VoIP provider for the country you are resident of. For example, the local access number for United Kingdom users will be a local number of United Kingdom and so on for every country.

The catch here is that the users who want to dial their next international call on inexpensive call rates through a VoIP provider, e.g. Germany, Spain, Brazil, etc., but do not have a smartphone can connect on the VoIP network by dialing the provided local access number. Local access number serves their users by asking to dial their desired number.

The one and only condition to dial the Local Access Number is the dialing number must be registered with the VoIP provider. This can easily be done by once registered with the VoIP provider at the time of registration. Add as many numbers as you want to dial a local access number within your dashboard.

The charges to dial the local access number will be charged by the local call provider. Don’t worry a lot, as it is a local call so the charges will be minimal. The call rates charged for the international calls are the same as said by your VoIP provider. O,’ I forgot to mention; yes you can add your landline numbers too. Wink

VoIP is the wave of the future –with tones of features bagged under one roof, VoIP and VoIP apps brings users the benefits which are hard to find in today’s economic crises. Use it today and see how useful it stands in your life.

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