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How to save your green with free calls while studying abroad?

January 28, 2014 by Soha Naveed

For many, studying abroad is a dream. Many students work hard in schools and colleges in order to gain scholarship in their favorite and their dream university abroad. Others work efficiently to get good grades and to meet the requirement of the university, just make their dream comes true.

While studying abroad, communication is the only way to keep them close to their friends and family back home. Along with the excitement folded with education in abroad, students tend to face financial difficulties as well. In such cases, cost is the major factor that makes communication unique amongst students away from home and their friends and family back home. The best alternative which makes communication easier and free for students living abroad is the VoIP technology. VoIP technology these days provides several modes of communications for students to making international and long distance free calls and free texts. If you’re a student living abroad, let’s look into the way to save your money on phone calls.

Hey free call through VoIP app is the only solution!

As a student, this is something pretty thrilling and advantageous for students. Every student owns smartphonetoday, may it be iPhone or Android. VoIP apps are present in the app stores. You can easily install a variety of them as they are for free. Through VoIP on your smartphone, you can make free overseas and long distance calls back home. The catch here is that you can easily carry your connectivity mode in your pocket and use it anytime, anywhere. This means that even by staying abroad, you can keep your mom, dad and friends in your pocket while on the go.

VoIP app allows the users to make free overseas calls. If you are missing your sister or want to cook your mom’s favorite dish, you can contact them for free and talk to them for hours. The only requirement is that the caller and the receiver must have a smart VoIP calling app installed in their smartphone. Moreover, both of the communicators need to be connected over the internet. Using such service will allow you to make free calls and thus, leading to a lot of saving on money.

In this case, however, there are only two major prerequisites: a mobile phone compatible with the VoIP service (smartphone that is) and a reliable internet connection. The internet connection plan can be in shape of GPRS, edge, 3G or Wi-Fi. You can get a reasonable connection of the internet by buying a student package offered by various companies. If you’re using Wi-Fi, you can get connectivity over internet for free as they are available in university hotspots too.

This is a must have investment very after you are in the university and later you will start believing and love to have a smart VoIP app installed on your smartphone! With this mode of communication, VoIP, make your lives inexpensive; one would waste their money if they do not go for this investment. Using VoIP app as an international student makes not only communication for free, but also saves your green.

Live your dream – study abroad and save money with Free Calls for your next dream!

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