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How Cheap International Call Rates Can Save You Money while Traveling

January 29, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Do you remember that while travelling or when returning back home, you were to pay bills of the phone calls you made on international numbers? If yes then pass a relief as gone are those days. Now you can budget calls through the cheap international calling rates, easily.

A few years back, the idea of phoning on an international number was out of the question as the costs were astronomically high. Snail mail and email were the only way to keep your family and friends and loop while one was on wheels. With cellular rates costing more than ever, hearing the voice of the loved ones was extremely difficult.

With the evolution of technology, we now have various ways that help us stay in touch with our friends and family present on different parts of the world. Social media allows us to keep our people know about our lives through options such as status update and photo sharing. On the other hand, you can easily carry your world in your hand – smartphones, allowing you to communicate on the go. Who would have ever though that communication through technology would become so diverse and at the same time, save you a large amount of your money?

Why Use Technology for Cheap International Calls?

Payphones are extremely outdated – mainly because everyone in the world owns their smart piece of technology; smartphones. Through the evolution of smartphones, a lot of VoIP companies are found offering cheaper international call rates which save you fortunes with the passage of time.

Calling rates for international calls depends on the country you wish to call. In places like Pakistan, call cost from USA to Pakistan is 9¢, call cost from UK to Pakistan is 5p and call cost from Europe to Pakistan is 6c per minute. This particular calling rate is the fraction of what one would pay while using the roaming charges of their mobile operator. Cheap calls from a foreign country to Pakistan are affordable as VoIP apps offer instant talk services; services which are flexible for consumers now and then. So if you are away from your dear land and you need to hook back, this is the calling rate you need. Else, travelling expenses will surely double!

How It Works?

The world is more social than it was before. People embark towards travelling for long periods. During this particular time, connecting to your family stands essential. It is still pretty emotional to hear your mom or wife in a tiring 4 day trip to Europe. Picking up the phone and being able to call them no matter on which land you are standing in is what you would definitely do. As the demand of international calls increase, the demand for cheap international call rates is also growing.

VoIP providers are extremely competitive now. For finding the best and cheap rates for making international calls, it is essential that you make some research to find the most suitable package. You can easily find call rates in the VoIP app’s dial-pad once number is entered or at their official website. Once you have registered with the VoIP provider, you will be billed per minute according to the rate given. Try to use the VoIP app to make inexpensive international calls, you won’t be charged a lot as the providers keep the costs low.

Staying connected on the hills, on desserts or even after the tedious business meetings conducted away from home was never this easy. Make sure you do your homework that will ensure that you have the most suitable package for cheap international calling.

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