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5 Ways of Saving Through Smartphone in addition to Cheap Calls & Text

January 30, 2014 by Soha Naveed

In today’s advance world, who doesn’t own a smartphone? Smartphone stands essential for most of us. To stay connected to our friends by using VoIP apps for making cheap calls or to beat boredom by playing games, smartphone brings the world of its user under one roof. On the contrary, the smartphone may be an expensive pocket machine, but it can easily make up for the expensive price by cutting costs in various multiple ways.

Seeking these benefits in the choking inflation of today’s world is extremely beneficial. One doesn’t miss a single penny-saving moment now and then. If you are one of them, fortunate for you, your smartphone can help you a lot in this. Want to know how you can save money through smartphones? Here’s how to do it:

5. Finding Free to Free ATMs

ATM fees are high – with most of the banks charging around $3 for transactions present outside the bank. Through your smartphone app for ATMs, you can easily find the nearest free to free ATM. Most of the banks have such app for both, Android and iPhone. This easily saves your time and money as you will be directed to the free-free ATM and no transaction fee will be charged.

4. Digital Copies of Discount Cards

While shopping, discount cards are extremely handy. However, once they accumulate, they become unmanageable in the real world. On the brighter side, smartphones can store your discount cards for fast retrieval. You can just take pictures of the cards and store them in your phone through various free apps offering such services. This not helps you in managing your cards, but also gives discount coupons as bonus.

3. Track down your Spending

If you are extremely passionate to save up your green, it is time you put together a nice budget and track down all of your spending. Both of these features are brilliantly handled by smartphone; if you have the perfect app for this. Free and paid versions of such apps are easily available. Additionally, these apps will remind you to pay your fees and bills on time.

2. Make Calls Using VoIP

Maybe you have unlimited mobile data package activated on your smartphone. Or perhaps, you use Wi-Fi a lot as well. So why not use this to save some of that money present your pocket? As long as you have good means of internet, you can start making VoIP calls to save your money. There are a bunch of apps available on BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. So even if you don’t havelot money in your phone, using the VoIP app can save your pocket through their cheap calls. If you’re roaming the heights of a foreign country, you can make cheap international calls looped with the VoIP app providers.

1. Send cheap Text Messages

Texting is extremely essential nowadays. Most of us can’t live without talking to our loved ones without texting them. Texting is done more often ever. As the economy falls, texting is a pricey add-on to the mobile plan you use. The best part is the texting apps offered supporting smartphones. Many notable apps provide cheap SMS text messages. So if you are away from your loved one, using the cheap texting VoIP app can help you in showing your love.

Using the smartphone apps proactively effects positively on the pocket of the user. They not only save your time, but also manage to save a lot of your money which can be used in various other purposes.

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