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4 reasons smartphone manufacturers should start making more Phablets

July 16, 2014 by Omar Sohail

After smartphones, tablets were the next mobile devices that were gaining considerable amount of momentum in the mobile industry. However, it seems that tablet industry had declined a fair amount in the year 2013. There are several reasons why this is happening. One of them is the saturation of the mobile market and the mobile operating system. The second reason is that some smartphone manufacturers have started manufacturing more phablets (smartphones with a screen size of over 5 inches). Although majority of companies have continued to sell mid-size to large screen smartphones, here are four reasons why manufacturers should focus more on selling phablets.

1. Phablets share the attributes of both a smartphone and a tablet

Phablets Share The Attributes Of Both A Smartphone And A Tablet

Phablets are smartphones that generally have a screen size that is larger than 5 inches. In short, phablets are devices that share the attributes and functionalities of both smartphones and tablets. When the attributes of tablets are concerned, phablets boast a much larger screen size compared to normal sized smartphones (even though their screen sizes are less than the screen sizes of tablets). Moreover, their large sizes are able to incorporate larger batteries (larger capacity batteries are also found in tablets). Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra and OnePlus’ One smartphones are prime examples of phablets. As far as the attributes of smartphones are concerned, phablets are equipped with nearly everything a normal sized smartphone possesses. From calling capabilities, to expandable storage; all phablets possess these attributes and best of all; they come with a larger screen size.

2. Easier navigation

Easier Navigation

Several smaller screen smartphones are thin from the sides. This will make navigation extremely difficult, regardless of whatever the task may be. Since a smaller screen size will present smaller and congested icons, users will have to get used to pressing incorrect keys several times before they actually get to the right ones. Since phablets possess a broader body and larger screen compared to smaller sized smartphones, the icons present on the screen are larger and are placed at a small distance from one another. This will minimize the amount of errors the users are making when navigating through the keyboard, browsing the internet or any other activity for that matter.

3. Multi-tasking

Multi Tasking

Apart from the larger screen size, and a broader body, phablets are also incorporated with components that are able to deliver superior performance in a mobile device. This will come in handy when multitasking is the paramount concern for the user. They will be able to open several apps at once and browse the internet without experiencing delays in commands. That’s not all that phablets are capable of doing. Since phablets also possess powerful wireless networking components, users can use free international calling dialer apps for calling purpose without experiencing any performance degradation in the call quality.

4. Enjoying multimedia sessions

Enjoying Multimedia Sessions

Thanks to the combination of a larger screen size, broader body and high performance delivery components, users can engage in multimedia sessions such as watching and / or streaming high definition content. The larger screen size and broader body will improve the overall viewing experience compared to the mediocre experience users would experience if they used a smaller screen size smartphone to view movies and other content.    

With qualities taken from both devices, phablets are considered to be hybrids of smartphones and tablets. Even though the price tag of powerful phablets are high, purchasing one is far better than purchasing two separate sets of products to perform your tasks for you.


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