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5 new VoIP apps with great potential to be the NEXT BIG THING

July 21, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

Talking to someone has never been as easy as it is now and thanks to countless VoIP apps available to us.  Of course, Skype has to be the pioneer as it was the first most popular platform used by masses for VoIP calls. And in past couple of years, we have seen bombardment of VoIP apps like Viber, Whatsapp etc.

The space for new players in VoIP scene is always available since there are more than 7 billion people in the world and half of them are fortunate enough to have access to VoIP services. And as a user, we should always believe in trying new service providers because who knows we might hit a better package that provides flawless services in our desired cost and also we might end up becoming a part of ‘next big thing’ before anyone in our social circle does.

So here we will look into 5 VoIP apps with great potential to be next big thing;

1. Yello

Yello Free Calls Text Icon

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: Free

Yello can be described as a service provider that enables you to free calls, free video calls, free text messages (along with any video, audio or photo attachment) within Yello community. Also, you can call any phone number worldwide at cheap international calling rates and the receiver f your call does not necessarily have to have Yello app or even a smartphone.

Other features:

  • Audio conference calls to talk to many people at same time
  • Call transfer option to connect the call to any other number
  • Call waiting allows you to attend two separate calls at the same time
  • Delivery confirmation of sent text messages to fellow Yello users
  • Broadcast SMS to many users at a time
  • Manage your Yello account on ‘’ and enjoy special packages and deals.

2. Dingtone


Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: Free

Dingtone provides free calls, free SMS, free voicemails, free conference calls and push-to-talk (PTT) functions (walkie talkie) for Dingtone users only.

Other features:

  • Send free messages to your Facebook friends
  • Avail a free real phone number
  • Conference call to 8 people simultaneously
  • Clear voice quality and HD quality video calls
  • International calls to over 200 countries in the world

3. Line


Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: Free

Line gives you an opportunity to free calls, free video calls and free text messages with other Line users only. In addition, this app has many stickers to make chatting more expressive and you can receive news and special coupons for brands or artists you love.

Other Features:

  • Official accounts of celebrities and you need to add them in your account to receive their messages/news.
  • Stickers shop allows you to buy funny and unique stickers to be as expressive as you can while chatting.
  • Line has 470 million users and it has been ranked no.1 app in 52 countries.

4. WeChat


Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: Free

The services provided by WeChat for WeChat users only include, voice chat, group chat, free calls, video call, sticker gallery, broadcast messages, group chat, walkie talkie and shake (a feature that connects you other people on WeChat).

Other Features:

  • Walkie Talkie feature can work up to 40 friends at a time
  • The app stays always logged in
  • Chat with strangers with ‘shake’ feature. However make sure you don’t share personal information
  • Import contacts from your phone list and invite friends to the app

5. Kakao Talk


Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: Free

With Kakao Talk, you can send photos, videos, messages, voice messages and your location with other Kakao Talk users. And also it has a great collection of stickers and emoticons.

Other Features:

  • Voice filters allow you to have fun calls with ‘Talking Tom and Ben’s’ voice
  • Kakao mobile games are available to the app users
  • Setup reminders like meetings, appointments etc within the apps
  • While talking on a free call via Kakao talk app, you can also send messages to your friends at the same time (multi-tasking function)


All the above mentioned apps provide more or less same services to its users only like;

a) Free calls

b) Free text messages

c) Free group chats

d) Free multimedia messages (audio, video and photo attachment)

e) Free video calls

f) Chat history

g) Voice messages

h) Conference calls

i) Delivery reports

But there are still minor things that set them apart from each other;

a) Calling on any number worldwide:

You can call on any number worldwide with Yello and Dingtone only and they offer cheap calling rates too. Usually VoIP apps provide services to its app users only but Yello and Dingtone have broken this chain and attempted to serve consumers outside their user base.

However, only Yello gives you free credit on sign up to get you started and also you will receive additional 10% credit on every top-up from website. So besides providing calls on extremely cheaprates, Yello gifts you extra call credit for free to call any number in the world.

b) Walkie Talkie (Push-to-Talk function):

Another great function, provided by Dingtone and WeChat only, is push-to-talk (PTT) just like walkie talkie. However, its within-the-app-community service, you can only talk to the users of respective app only. And also, unless you have plenty of time, it’s highly unlikely you would use this feature.

c) Stickers Gallery

Kakao Talk, WeChat and Line have invested in developing custom stickers and emoticons to make chatting more expressive. It’s not like other apps don’t have any emoticons, just Kakao Talk, WeChat and Line have created some exclusive stuff. So if you are a fan of using lots of stickers/emoticons, these three apps enough material for you.

Yes, communication has never been so convenient before but there are always forces working to make it more convenient and better. And in order to completely enjoy the perks of living in communication era, you need to start giving chances to new things – be it apps, gadgets or any sort of appliance.


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