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3 smartphone and tablet accessories to help you with your free texting apps

July 24, 2014 by Omar Sohail

The Android operating system is present in an abundant number of smartphones and tablets. This operating system is embedded with several features that users did not know existed. In order to make these features accessible to Android users, you will be required to purchase a couple of accessories that will allow you to multitask swiftly, which will include typing text faster while using free international texting apps. Here are three accessories that will help you with such tasks.

1. USB OTG (On The Go) Cable

USB OTG On The Go Cable

Since no current generation smartphone or tablet is equipped with a standard USB 2.0 port (they only feature a micro USB 2.0 port), the only way you will be able to attach items that feature a USB port is through a USB OTG cable. One side of the OTG cable is a micro USB 2.0 port which fits in to the port of the smartphone or tablet and the other side features a USB 2.0 opening which allows you fit in peripherals such keyboard, mouse and even flash drives. Personally, if you want to improve your overall efficiency while using free international texting apps, it is recommended that you hook up a USB keyboard to the OTG cable, which will turn your smartphone or tablet in to a makeshift laptop. For those of you wondering, even wireless keyboards and mice that come equipped with a USB nano receiver can be used the exact same way as a regular keyboard and mouse.

2. Bluetooth peripherals (keyboard and mouse)

Bluetooth Peripherals Keyboard And Mouse

Unfortunately for you, Android smartphones and tablets come equipped with only one micro USB port, which means that you will only be allowed to hook up one peripheral at one time. This is exactly why smartphone manufacturers have incorporated Bluetooth connectivity in to products; so that we can connect Bluetooth peripherals like keyboards and mice. When choosing which peripheral to connect with which form of connectivity, it is recommended that you hook up a USB mouse in the OTG cable and use a separate Bluetooth keyboard to help you with your texting purposes. The reason for adopting this approach is that there are known connectivity issues of using Bluetooth mice on Android devices. Regardless, when you are looking to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, don’t skip out on buying a good product because buying a cheap Bluetooth keyboard will cause the Bluetooth connection to intermittently break, ultimately ruining your experience. There are several robust quality Bluetooth keyboards available globally. Some of them have been listed below for your perusal.

3. Tablet stands or cases

Tablet Stands Or Cases

Since lots of smartphone and tablet makers bring out extremely thin products, you obviously will not be able to make them stand in an upright position when you have connected the aforementioned peripherals to it (not if you put these devices against an upright surface or object). This is exactly the reason why purchasing a tablet stand or case should be the next purchase in your checklist. There are several tablet stands or cases available globally. Given below are a few those which will pique your purchasing interest.

By purchasing these three accessories, not only will you be able to turn your Android smartphone or tablet in to a makeshift laptop, you will also be able to increase your typing speed and efficiency while using texting apps.


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