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5 Main Do’s and Dont’s while Staying in Nigeria

July 26, 2014 by Soha Naveed

When one talks about the attractions worth visiting in Africa, Nigeria is hands down, the winner of the answer that brags all the rights to be the best destination. Nigeria is the 14th largest country in Africa as it covers 923,768 kilometres of land. Nigeria offers its natives and tourists a lot of activities to spend their times with.

The country supports a wide variety of beaches which keeps the country and its water sports active throughout the vacations in Nigeria. There are immense areas which offer pure natural sceneries, allowing the nature fanatics to adore and live the time they spend there. You would be impressed by local customs and the culture of Nigeria which blend well festivals, handicrafts and cuisines.

With all the positivity, there are however, some don’ts which you should keep in mind while staying in Nigeria. To make your trip worth enjoying without any worries, here are the top 5 do’s and don’ts which you should keep in mind while staying in Nigeria.

The Do’s

1. Eat Suya

Eat Suya

Eating traditional food is extremely important and in case of Nigeria, Suya is what you need to feast on. Suya is a grilled beef dish which is seasoned with mixed vegetables, spices and peppers. It is offered around every street of Nigeria, may it be in restaurants or in corners of the streets. 

2. Let the Party Never Stop

Let The Party Never Stop

Nigerians love to party. For them, dancing and partying is an art as they love to watch their folks dance for hours, without the need of get tired. There are a lot of night clubs in Nigeria, so you will have a lot of straight weekend parties with the right type of people.

3. Visit Lagos Polo Club

Visit Lagos Polo Club

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that Polo is one of the most played sports in Nigeria. The Lagos Polo Club was founded in 1904. While you are in Nigeria, make sure you visit the club to watch some fascinating games.

4. Plan a Stay in Amara Suites

Plan A Stay In Amara Suites

Catering most of the business expats, the Amara Suites offers full apartments to its guests. They offer a steward who cooks for the guest, along with airport picking dropping as well. The steward is responsible for all the cooking along with the grocery. It is also affordable as one need not go out for eating all the time. With a huge apartment and all the luxuries provided, who would miss a chance of staying in a suite like this?

5. Use Cheap International Calling Apps

Use Cheap International Calling Apps

When in Nigeria, you will have to take care of your budget. At the same time, you would want to connect with your family. There are always alternatives present as there are plenty of smartphone apps which offer calls on highly cheap rates. These rates are far less than you will find using your mobile carrier service. Apps like Yello, Skype, Viber have been known for VOIP calls but when in Nigeria you will not find internet at all places, so for that you can always opt for an app which allows you to call on cheap rates.

The Don’ts

As much as Nigeria will fascinate you, there are a few things you should stay safe with. Here’s a list of them:

1. Do Not Walk Alone

Do Not Walk Alone

With places like Lagos, having a very dangerous history, be sure that whenever you are in a crowded market, you walk safely. Be sure to be surrounded by your native friends every time you are in the market. Do not walk alone as there can be robbers and pickpockets waiting to pick up on a tourist. Also, try not to walk on the streets of Nigeria during nigh time. You never know when someone will hit on your wallet.

2. Do Not Make Immigration Mistakes

Do Not Make Immigration Mistakes

A lot of people forget to check their immigration while they kick start their vacations. Be sure that the stamp you have on your passport checks with the amount of days you wish to spend in Nigeria. You surely do not want to waste your trip by getting into travelling restrictions which will perhaps ruin your trip.

3. Do Not Leave Passport at Home or Hotel

Do Not Leave Passport At Home Or Hotel

While you are on a tourist trip, make sure you always take your ID card or passport with you. While you are out taking pictures and feasting upon activities, you never know when any guard or officer would ask for your identity. They could even consider the VISA illegal or charge you a plenty in jail if you do not provide them with your identity when they ask for it. In any case if you have a Nigerian friend with you, they can also guard your back during such cases.

4. Do Not Use Credit Cards While in Nigeria

Do Not Use Credit Cards While In Nigeria

With all the good things aside, Nigeria is well known for credit card fraud and scam. This is mainly because there are not many banks present in Nigeria. Even if you are staying in a 5star hotel, avoid using your credit card to clear away the bills. A lot of visitors in Nigeria were charged with strange transactions when they reached back their homes. There are ATMs located around the places in Nigeria. Make sure you have the desirable amount of cash in your hand all the time. You surely do not want to be charged more.

5. Do Not Take A lot of Pictures While in Nigeria

Do Not Take A Lot Of Pictures While In Nigeria

People are often offended in Nigeria when you take pictures of them or even of a general street view. They will shout at you or be extremely angry. Even if you want to take their picture, you must ask for their permission first. More unusual than ever, you are not allowed to take pictures of the official and historical places as well. There are many colonial buildings, but if a guard sees you taking pictures, the situation can get extremely threating.

With all the mentioned Do’s and Don’ts, make sure you fully enjoy the trip as Nigeria is the place which will give you the best memories – when done rightly.

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