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Parents’ Day 2014: How to reduce your distances with your folks

July 26, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

Do you realize this Sunday i.e. July 27th is Parents’ Day in United States of America? Initiated in 1994 by Bill Clinton, the idea of this day was to celebrate the two most important individuals collectively who are crucial in raising the children of this nation brilliantly.

In general, parents are really the foundation of what we are today. They teach us everything, they guide us to become better human beings, they accept us for what we are and they understand us in ways nobody can. They even know our fake friends before we do. We also mock them for being weird and old fashioned but ultimately they are the only ones we rely on whenever we are stuck in some a mess.

And it’s great that we have a day to celebrate and appreciate their efforts for raising us. Yes there is a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day already but parenting is all about team work and it’s good to celebrate our parents as one. This day celebrates a sound family structure that every child needs. And since, the global economic changes have forced people to move away from their homeland, let’s see how non-USA residents can make Parents Day 2014 special for their still-residing-in-USA parents.

A gift that say it all

A Gift That Say It All

The idea of the day is to celebrate your father and mother as one entity so it would be wise to buy them something that they can enjoy together. If you can afford, a fully paid vacation to a nice destination that would be perfect. You can choose the destination as per your budget – maybe a foreign country or another state in USA. However, if you cannot afford a high end holiday for your parents, you can always send them to a quiet, romantic dinner. Your parents might have skipped many such opportunities in their lives for your sake and making up for it – even a little – is the greatest feeling in the world.

In addition, send a collection of photos to your mum and dad. It can be a collage, photo album, photo frames or in any other shape but snaps are an amazing doorway to the sweetest memories and on Parents Day, you all should cherish your family and especially in this era, where pictures are just limited to our smartphones, tabs, laptops etc.

A family get-together

A Family Get Together

Now that’s a strange thing to do since you are not in the country so how are you supposed to meet your parents. Well thanks to the technology, it is almost possible. You could call your parents via Yello as it does not require your parents to have a smartphone. In addition, Yello provides cheap international call rates to USA from anywhere in the world. The call is as low as 0.72¢/min and you are legible to free credit as well as 10% discount on every top-up. So in this way you can always stay connected with your parents during this special day so you don’t miss out on the laughter at dinner table.

You could also have a video chat with your parents via Yello on this day. And if you really want to surprise them, use Yello’s conference video call and bring in all your siblings and parents to make it a real family get-together.

What’s best here is that even if you are living in a country where Sunday is not a holiday, you can still take out 15 to 20 minutes for your parents easily as your smartphone is in your pocket and it has Yello app so you don’t have to go anywhere to chat with them.

At the end of the day, Parents Day is all about telling your folks what they mean to you and even if you are a little bit successful in doing that, believe it or not, you have officially made their day.


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