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5 ways how Apple can improve its iOS operating system

June 2, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Even though the Android operating system has a global market share of nearly 80%, there are still a few tweaks needed for Google’s operating system to become as smooth, fluid and optimized as Apple’s iOS. Similarly, Apple’s iOS operating system may be the leading mobile operating system when it comes to providing the user with a seamlessly smooth navigation experience (no wonder Apple does not need to incorporate such powerful hardware because its iOS isn’t as resource hungry as the Android operating system), it still does not omit the iPhone manufacturer from making a few adjustments to further improve its operating system. The combined efforts of both the company’s developers and app developers must form a strong coalition, if they are to see the operating system improve in the foreseeable future. How exactly can Apple improve its iOS operating system? Here are five ways that the company should be focused on.

1. Making it less system resource hungry

Making It Less System Resource Hungry

There are several ways that Apple can make its operating system less resource hungry. Placing in a 64 bit processor, along with a secondary processor to handle the less demanding operations might be one way (like the way the company has done with the iPhone 5s). There are other ways to further optimize the operating system. That happens to be optimizing the apps. Several iOS users might not be aware about this, but one of the reasons why your iOS starts momentarily stuttering is because of the resource hungry apps. These apps, which also affect battery life, range from gaming apps to apps that allow you to make cheap calls, degrade the experience of the operating system severely. Therefore, Apple and third party developers must form an alliance in order to strengthen its already robust operating system.

2. Adding Widgets

Adding Widgets

Widgets are large app icons that provide flexibility to users by allowing them to perform their tasks without physically opening the app (if the need is ever required). Currently, the Windows Phone and the Android operating system have widgets placed in their apps menu, with the latter possessing more functionality. Now, it would not be wise for Apple to follow the same approach for widgets as the Android operating system follows, (which will lead to another lawsuit, which the companies have engaged several times before) which is why the company’s developers must bring something new to the table. Apple has managed to introduce its own system of widgets in its MAC OS X operating system with the dashboard, and if they can bring the same approach to the mobile side of things, it will make the iOS formidable.

3. Adding a file system to the operating system

Adding A File System To The Operating System

iOS users will not be able to view the files that they have downloaded or transferred in to their iOS storage without manually plugging their device and initiating iTunes or 3rd party software such as iFunbox to view it. This can become a very painful experience for the users as they have to activate the software on another machine just so they can alter the contents present on their iOS device. A more flexible approach to this would be to introduce a file system (similar to the file system present in the Android operating system). This would eliminate the need to plug in your device again and again just to see what type of content is present in your device. In addition, you can make changes to this content while navigating your phone. If Apple is able to allow users the functionality to organize files while using the device, then it will be a welcome sight for all iOS users.

4. Improve the support of Bluetooth

Improve The Support Of Bluetooth

Bluetooth might be an obsolete way of transferring data to devices, but the reason it still exists in smartphones is because a percentage of people still prefer using it. Currently, the iPhone and iPad can connect to external Bluetooth keyboards right out of the box, which is a great feature to have. However, Apple tends to negate adding or improving the most obvious features while it focuses on bringing in more innovative features to its products. Even though the support of a Bluetooth keyboard is a nice perk to have, the company should also start focusing on adding support for Bluetooth mice, which will further simplify usability for iOS users. Another thing that is worth mentioning here is that the Bluetooth present on iOS devices are only able to communicate with one another and not with other devices running different operating systems. The option should be completely severed from Apple’s book as it will limit the level of flexibility.

5. Adding more sharing options for a user when they decide they want to share content

Adding More Sharing Options For A User When They Decide They Want To Share Content

When you want to share something on the Android or Windows Mobile operating system, it gives the users an entire set of lists ranging from social networking apps, to Bluetooth connectivity to a wide array of communication apps like WhatsApp or Viber. In simple words, whatever apps you have presented in these operating systems; if these apps allow you to share content with other individuals, the apps will pop up when you decide you want to share something. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about Apple’s iOS. Regardless, if you have a bunch of social networking apps or an abundant list of communication apps, not all of them will show up should you decide to share something. This presents a high level of inconvenience because even though chances are you might not end up using that specific app, it is always great to have something that you know you might not use rather than needing something that you will use, and finding out later that you are unable to use it.

Apple took a significant leap when it comes to features after it had unveiled its new iOS 7 to the technological universe. Miles better than its predecessor, the iOS 7 came with tons of features, including a new and improved look, a better notification system and flexible multi tasking options. The iOS 8 will no doubt be a better polished operating system compared to its predecessor. With the addition of these five features and more, the iOS 8 will be able to firmly stand toe to toe with its rivals.

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