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6 features of iOS 8 that will clean sweep the remaining operating systems

June 3, 2014 by Omar Sohail

After the iOS 7 was released, it was given a whole new makeover over its predecessor operating system, aesthetically and functionality wise. Just yesterday, Apple introduced to the world its next iteration of an operating system that is going to be presented in its flagship smartphone, and will be called the iOS 8. With an improved interface coupled with an even better functionality, here are six features of the iOS 8 that will take Apple to the top notch and clean sweep the remaining mobile operating systems.

1. The Quicktype keyboard feature

The Quicktype Keyboard Feature

The Quicktype keyboard is a new and improved version of the keyboard that will be presented in the iOS 8. This on screen keyboard will finally provide support for auto suggestions to help you type sentences much quickly by autofilling the words. In addition, the keyboard is going to be context sensitive, so the suggestions that pop up in front of you will offer words based on what you have typed in your previous conversations. To say that the Quicktype keyboard is smart would be an understatement. This is because the keyboard will identify the kind of texts you are sending to the recipient and from that analysis, it will send up suggestions (either slang or articulate words) that will match perfectly with the conversation you are having.

2. The continuity feature is outclass

The Continuity Feature Is Outclass

The iOS 8 also possesses a continuity feature that is completely new to the Apple database. The functionality of the continuity features will stretch beyond the iOS and the new and improved OS X Yosemite. In this way, the iPhone, the iPad and the computer will be aware of each other, and while immersed in the middle of a task, you can effortlessly move from one device to the other with a single command in case you want to finish a task that is specific to each device. Furthermore, continuity also provides users with the ability to extend calls, which will include cheap calling through cheap international calling apps as well. What this feature will do is that if your iPhone is being charged at the corner of your room, and you don’t want to go all the way to pick it up, you can answer the call on your Mac, while using the Mac’s microphone as a speaker phone. The same feature will allow you to call from your Mac as well.

3. New and improve iMessage

New And Improve Imessage

Irrespective of how popular WhatsApp or Viber may be, the iMessage app is by far the most popular app used on the iPhone to send texts. Since this fact is most impressive, then it is a welcome sight that Apple was able to improve the iMessage features. With the Group Messages feature present in iMessage, you can name the thread, as well as add and remove people, and set ‘Do Not Disturb’ on a per person basis within a thread. That’s not all. Apple has also decided to include audio messages that you can send to the recipients in case your finger cannot hold out to texting much longer. You can also respond to a message in the notification center with an audio message simply by raising the phone to your ear. The beacon icon also offers video messaging and location sharing. Similar to Snapchat’s self destructing messages, iMessage users can set up their audio and video messages to self destruct after a certain number of minutes.

4. New and improved photo feature

New And Improved Photo Feature

Previously, Apple’s Photo Stream feature only allowed for a total number of 1,000 photos to be stored at a time, which automatically meant that you had to find yourself a secondary form of storage to store additional photos. However, this time, Apple has decided to withdraw that limit and is offering storage for all the photos and videos in the cloud to be accessed from any device, which is a similar approach to how iTunes holds all your music and movies.

5. New and improved SIRI interface

New And Improved SIRI Interface

Apple has augmented the functionality of SIRI to a whole new level on the iOS 8. Users will be able to activate the program without physically touching their iPhone which is good news for all SIRI lovers. SIRI can now be triggered by a simple voice command in which the user has to say ‘Hey Siri’ for the program to initiate. In addition to the voice command, SIRI now also features Shazam integration; the ability to purchase content from iTunes, streaming voice recognition, and best of all, these features can be triggered in 22 new dictation languages. No longer shall you be required to speak in the English language when you can speak in your native language and get the exact same job done.

6. More freedom will be given to developers

More Freedom Will Be Given To Developers

Developers will be given a chance to stretch their hands and legs and start coding with a large amount of free space compared to before. This was never made available before but now the TouchID interface (the same interface that was present in the iPhone 5s) is being opened up to third party developers, in order to extrapolate its level of functionality. Besides this, Apple users may finally get their hands on Swype (which is the same keyboard present on the Android operating system) keyboard feature.

The cameras will also be given a platform to work on. This platform will allow developers to create extra manual controls present on 3rd party apps. Last, but certainly not the least, HomeKit is going to be transformed in to the company’s new smart home platform.  This will allow developers to create something that will remain native to the iOS. HomeKit is a developing kit made available to Apple developers that will allow you to control the peripherals in your home. This will range from turning off the lights in your room, to decreasing the temperature, which translates that the user is getting ready for bed.

The iOS 8 is all ready to be released this fall for the iPhone and the iPad. As much as iPhone lovers would love to get a glimpse of the large screen iPhone that Apple is concocting, the fact that they have bore witness to the flexibility and convenience that is the iOS 8; waiting in line for the next iPhone has become even harder.

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