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3 significant reasons how smartphones have aided the U.S. Stock Market

June 4, 2014 by Omar Sohail

The United States stock market has a total worth of $18 trillion USD, with majority of the companies listed on the NASDAQ as tech companies comprising of Google (ticker name GOOG), Apple (ticker name AAPL), Intel (ticker name INTC) and many more. With so many technological companies listed on the stock exchange; it only means that their products are selling like hot cakes. These products are endorsed by giant mobile companies and their functionality does not only stand in on helping users increase their level of productivity but also to increase functionality and mobility of those agile working stock brokers. The smartphone industry has also aided the U.S stock market in more ways than you can imagine. Let’s find out how this coalition works.

1. Stock market apps help investors and traders view their holdings while on the move

Stock Market Apps Help Investors And Traders View Their Holdings While On The Move

While lots of traders and investors are keen on keeping several display screens in front of them for the viewing of stock price behavior of the companies that they have invested in, the trader will not be expected to be in front of these screens at all times. That is where the role of smartphones comes in to play. With apps like Bloomberg, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance, to name a few, available on all smartphone operating systems, investors can effortlessly monitor the progress of stock price of different companies in the United States, which will help them to make the decision regarding which company they should invest in.

2. Smartphones help to generate revenue and help secure investments

Smartphones Help To Generate Revenue And Help Secure Investments

The manufacturing of a smartphone does not only come from one company but from a collection of companies who have agreed to provide the necessary parts in order to make the product. For example, an Android smartphone is not just created by Google. Instead, agreements signed from several companies help to develop the entire product. For example, The Samsung Galaxy S5 has taken parts from several different companies, as it is stated below:

  • Operating system: Google, Apple or Microsoft
  • SoC (System on chip): Qualcomm. Other companies such as Nvidia, Intel, ARM, MediaTek and many more provide their chipsets for different sets of smartphones. Samsung provides its chips to Apple.
  • Display: LG or Samsung.
  • Screen protection layer: Corning
  • Memory: Different vendors ranging from Kingston, Corsair, SanDisk to Samsung.
  • Camera: Ranging from Sony to other companies.

With so many tech companies combined together to contribute its necessary products to create a hand held mobile device, there are a lot of companies that investors can look to invest in. No doubt, they will want to invest in that company that can pay the highest amount of dividends, so a little more research will have to be carried out by the investors.

3. Smartphones allow investors to contact brokers to invest in stock

Smartphones Allow Investors To Contact Brokers To Invest In Stock

Before, in order to hold a portion of ownership in any company, investors used to call up brokers, which would then send them confirmation that they have indeed received a portion of the ownership in a company. The same procedure is followed when investors want to sell that particular stock. Investors’ phones are always ringing. Their work revolves around communicating well and in time. However, the more the phones ring, the more bills keep mounting. However, in today’s era, with the help of cheap call rates provided by the smartphone calling apps, investors can now place their ownership in a company at considerable savings with no time delay.

A smartphone does not necessarily mean improving your work flow and decreasing the time you would take on that particular work, but when you purchase a smartphone, you are purchasing a small contribution of every company, which helps to strengthen the stock market of the U.S. even further.

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