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How smartphones have been able to tackle emergency situations in U.S.A.

June 5, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Mobiles and smartphones have emerged as a great help for its users. In the case of health emergencies, smartphones have backed our lives as well. According to the findings of Journal of Emergency Medicine, it is stated that a patient is likely to survive an emergency when called from a mobile phone, rather than a landline number. In situations such as rural area incidents, injuries, outdoor accidents and road traffics, using a landline is the most unlikely option. Therefore, the use of smartphones allows immediacy of calling access for emergency hospital help during such situations.

What to Do In case of Emergency?

What To Do In Case Of Emergency

As mentioned above, smartphones help a lot in an on-spot emergency. Many countries are hit by devastating natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, earthquake and bushfires, destroying shelters and impacting the lives of people. Each year, USA is also a target of such natural disasters with Florida hitting maximum number of floods. Whenever it is possible, it is highly recommended to contact the Emergency Services by calling the allocated number from your smartphone. There are a few chances that you might not be able to make the call due to climate or topography or less network capacity, but that is the only option one may have on the spot. Services like 911 have also launched texting offers in case of emergencies. In case you are stuck in a situation where you can’t make a call, you can drop a free text to 911.

Are Smartphones Useful in Crisis?

Are Smartphones Useful In Crisis

A definite YES!

Smartphones are always known for free texting apps and gadgets that come in handy in cases of emergency. Now that smartphones are present everywhere in USA, communication through mobiles is more convenient than before. From tracking down children for safety purposes to informing people about an accident and from calling the ambulance for help to even informing your father that there is no milk in the house – mobile phones fill out the barriers and act as the perfect solution in terms of crisis. Most of the things are done through our smartphones especially the things that need immediate attention.

Emergency Texting Solving the Problems in Various Ways

 Emergency Texting Solving The Problems In Various Ways

As I mentioned earlier, emergency texting is now an option for smartphone users present in the US. Since the beginning of this year, Federal Communications Commission passed a statement which stated that all the text messaging services and mobile phone companies should allow the users to send SMS to 911 in the times of emergency. Majority of the companies implemented the actions and started with the 911 text messaging coverage. This largely helps in situations where you are not able to speak, such as during a theft or in case of a kidnapping. Moreover for a deaf person, this texting facility has come as a blessing.
Texting to emergency number has facilitated the masses in controlling deaths and damage from crime scenes. Make sure you use your smartphones in the right manner. Play your role in saving the life of the one in trouble.

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