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5 ways how Indians can save money while traveling to Europe

June 6, 2014 by Omar Sohail

No frequent traveler is a stranger to the European countries. They have diversity of cultures, exotic and historical places, exquisite food along with the thousands of years of history that make up most of the historical landmarks of various countries including the Vatican, St. Peter's Square, the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag building to name a few. There will always be something to see that will interest and attract the tourist personality within you. Traveling however can be a very expensive hobby, especially if you happen to live in a country like India, where there is a disparity of currency exchange rates. For your convenience, we have highlighted five easy ways how Indians traveling to Europe can save money on their trips.

1. Convert Indian rupee to Euros way before planning the trip

Convert Indian Rupee To Euros Way Before Planning The Trip

Since majority of the trips are taken during the summer vacations (between June and July) so it will be resourceful to exchange Indian Rupee with Euros. Remember, this has to be done before the months of June and July otherwise, you will have to pay more money to acquire Euros. Since the frequencies of trips increase during these months, there is a supply and demand balance that has to be maintained. More travelers travel in the months of June and July, means that the balance will be disturbed due to the plentiful amount of foreign currency that is purchased. That being said, always have spare amount of Euros exchanged way before you plan your trip.

2. Avoid booking tours

Avoid Booking Tours

The problem with booking tours is that they happen to be very expensive and they only provide you with limited amounts of time to view the historical landmarks or museums. If you choose not to book any tours, you will be able to scout the place for yourself with no bounds for longer periods of time and save yourself a handsome amount of money in the process.

3. Try taking food from home

Try Taking Food From Home

Due to the difference in exchange rates, purchasing food from any stall or restaurant, no matter how cheap it may be in Europe, will always end up being expensive for you. If you must absolutely eat food, then try to purchase food from these stalls. Otherwise, if you are on a very thin traveling budget, then you can always choose to pack boxes full of canned food, water and beverages since they will last for a longer period of time. Do not attempt to stock your luggage with any other solid food other than canned because these foods will end up rotten by the time you reach your destination.

4. Using cheap international calling apps to call your travel agent

Using Cheap International Calling Apps To Call Your Travel Agent

On several occasions, there might be misunderstandings between you and the representative of the travel agency on the schedule of your next destination. Perhaps you were given the wrong destination, the wrong hotel to stay in or perhaps you booked your flight in the morning and you were given the night shift to reach the airport. Whatever the case may be, you can always use VoIP apps of cheap international call providers to call your travel agency’s representative to clear out the misunderstanding that has stemmed up.

5. Instantaneously book hotels or service homes that are in close proximity of your tourist destination

Instantaneously Book Hotels Or Service Homes That Are In Close Proximity Of Your Tourist Destination

If you happen to locate any service homes, hostels or apartments near your tourist destination, then immediately book them before traveling. This will help you to avoid unnecessary fare costs that you have to pay while traveling in a taxi or bus. The InterRail is the best mode of transportation within Europe. If you are unable to locate any service or apartment, then you should book hotel rooms as a last resort. Furthermore, if you do plan to book a hotel room, you can save money by attempting to book only one room (if the hotel management agrees that is).

There are several shortcuts that you can adopt when you are traveling to a diversified continent like Europe. Put that noodle of yours to good work and you’ll end up saving lots of money on your next trip. 

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