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5 Reasons why Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 will decline future laptop sales

June 12, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Microsoft was not always thought to be the smartest company when it came to releasing mobile products. This is because after the company had released its first ever tablet product called the Surface RT, inadequate sales of the product left the company with over $900 million in unsold Surface RT tablets. However, recognizing its mistakes, Microsoft has come an exceedingly long way and now presents to the tech universe, its flagship tablet; the Surface Pro 3. Let us take a look at five reasons why Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 will decline future laptop sales.

1. Desktop processors in a tablet package

Desktop Processors In A Tablet Package

Now, all tablets are comprised of chipsets coming from companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel (for tablets, Intel uses the Bay Trail processors), Nvidia and several more. However, when you place desktop processors against mobile processors, you will immediately know who the victor is. Although tablet based processors are extremely powerful when it comes to brute processing power, they are still a long way from performing at par with desktop processors. As for the Surface Pro 3 tablet, it comes in the following desktop processor variants:

  • Core i3 4th generation
  • Core i5 4th generation
  • Core i7 4th generation

The 4th generation processors (more commonly known as Haswell) have two features that will cater to the user perfectly. They can deliver enormous amounts of processing power (far more than what Qualcomm’s or Nvidia’s products can do) and extremely energy efficient, allowing you to execute your tasks, run applications, watch movies and talk to your loved ones using free calling apps. The tablet will be able to deliver up to 9 hours of battery life, which is a welcome sight for every mobile device user. What more could you want?

2. A 12 inch display means more navigation capabilities

12 Inch Display Means More Navigation Capabilities

Most tablets are manufactured in the 7-10.1 inch range. Microsoft has decided that it wants to take the best of both devices (tablets and laptops) and merge them in to a product that will make it in to clear winner. The large 12 inch display has a maximum resolution of 2160 by 1440 pixels. A high resolution large screen tablet is going to take you places when you purchase it for work and entertainment related purposes. For work, you will have sufficient space to write and edit documents, construct spreadsheets and form presentations. As for entertainment, a 12 inch high resolution screen will be more than enough to enjoy HD resolution movies and TV shows. After all, what good is a 4th generation Intel processor when you don’t give it a run for its money?

3. A new meaning to the word portability and flexibility

A New Meaning To The Word Portability And Flexibility

Irrespective of how sleek or portable laptops may become in the foreseeable future, there will always be something present in the Surface Pro 3 that will steal away the portability factor away from laptops. For starters, the Surface Pro 3 is 0.36 inches thick and weighs only 1.76 lbs. So far, no laptop have come close to that amount of sleekness and the only laptops that will ever come close to that weight are the ones whose components have been taken out right down to the bone, leaving only the exterior body that the laptop was shipped in. In short, the Surface Pro 3’s thickness and weight allows the device to be carried in more ways than a laptop can ever be carried. That’s not all. The Surface Pro 3 comes equipped with a lot more flexible options that you can imagine. Users can opt to use its touch interface for web browsing or they can choose to attach a keyboard when they are getting ready to get geared up for work mode. In addition, the Surface Pro 3 features the following outputs, expanding the user’s options even further.

  • Full-size USB 3.0
  • microSD card reader
  • Headphone jack
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • Cover port

Keep in mind that the above ports are present in the actual tablet and not the keyboard, so you will not be required to purchase a separate one in order to keep your options open. The Surface Pro also comes equipped with substantial amount of storage (64 GB internal is the minimum) which should suffice for keeping your documents and other work related items intact. If you are feeling a little adventurous and hope to store high definition content on the device, then you will run out of space quickly enough. However, Microsoft was kind enough to incorporate a USB port so that need will never arise.

4. Availability of Microsoft Office absolutely free

Availability Of Microsoft Office Absolutely Free

If there is one thing that Microsoft’s tablets are able to offer that neither Android nor iOS tablets can provide is the availability of Microsoft Office. Sure, there are makeshift apps available for both platforms but they will never come close to the documents, spreadsheets and presentation making prowess that Microsoft Office has to offer. That being said, you can purchase a separate keyboard for your tablet and begin working using Microsoft Office. If the keyboard is removed from the tablet, you can still use via Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from the keyboard, there are several other accessories available for your tablet that will allow you to increase your level of productivity. They are given below:

  • Surface Pen
  • Surface Ethernet Adapter
  • Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition
  • Surface USB to Ethernet adapter
  • Surface VGA Adapter

There are a lot more accessories available than the ones we have mentioned above (that is due to the level of requirement to the average Surface Pro 3 user).

5. Web browsing made faster thanks to powerful networking components

Web Browsing Made Faster Thanks To Powerful Networking Components

The Surface Pro 3 possess powerful networking components that support the 802.11 ac wireless standard, which also happens to be the most powerful wireless standard in existence. With this option, the Surface Pro 3 user will be able to stream without any buffering, browse the internet effortlessly (this will also depend on your actual internet and router’s capabilities) and use the apps such as gaming apps and free calling apps. The availability of two 5 MP Webcams will make video calling thoroughly enjoyable as well.

Given below is the breakdown of the different Surface Pro 3 variants, along with their prices.

Surface Pro 3 Prices

The cheapest model starts with a price of $799, which might be a bit too steep for majority of the consumers, but the features, portability, and performance factors far outweigh the price tag. 

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