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4 ways to travel Brazil during the FIFA World Cup without emptying your wallet

June 13, 2014 by Omar Sohail

If you were unfortunate enough not to book your tickets, tours and hotel rooms for Brazil prior to the 2014 World Cup, then the entire trip would end up costing you far more than you’d actually hope for. With the very first match starting from today, and with 32 countries participating in 12 host cities of Brazil, it is going to be a football showdown of epic proportions. However, if you are not cautious enough, then even your wallet and bank account is going to face a showdown of epic proportions and not in a good way. With these helpful tips, you will be able to travel to Brazil; to and from, without emptying your wallet completely.

1. Reaching Brazil safely and cheaply  

Reaching Brazil Safely And Cheaply

There were over 180,000 tickets given out by FIFA on the 4th of June, and the ticket prices were being sold at $90 (for the group matches). In simple terms, if that is just the amount FIFA has distributed, then you can expect a lot more people going to the World Cup, which automatically means that there is going to be a huge difference between supply and demand. This huge difference will cause your ticket prices to shoot up. According to reports, flights from the U.S. to Brazil were priced at $3,800 during the dates of 12th and 13th of June, and on the 15th of June, they will be priced at $1,100. Since the entire tournament is going to last till the month of July, it is not absolutely necessary that you be present in Brazil during the first kickoff. If you can muster up the patience to wait for a couple of days, you will have to pay less than one third of the price to reach the country. Not only this, after you reach the country during the 15th of June or later, you will be able to find match tickets that will only set you back by $15. There is not a sweeter deal than the one being offered to you.

Also, it is imperative that you take note of the information being provided to you because it will be helpful for you in the longer run. For example, as the World Cup will imminently draw to a close and the closer the World Cup gets to the final match, the more expensive the tickets are going to be. Therefore, waiting patiently to secure a cheaper ticket and will allow you to allocate the remainder of your savings in to the final matches, especially the FIFA final. Given below are the rates of the matches, from the start to the end of World Cup.

  • Opening match: $220
  • Group matches: $90 (these tickets can also be procured for $15 if you book a ticket late)
  • Round of 16: $110
  • Quarter finals: $165
  • Semifinals: $275
  • 3rd / 4th place matches: $165
  • Final: $440

 2. Where should be your drop off location?

Where Should Be Your Drop Off Location

If you are going to Brazil to watch the FIFA World Cup, then make sure that your drop off location happens to be Brasilia or Sao Paulo, instead of Rio De Janeiro. Sao Paulo and Brasilia will only set up back by $1,200, and that too during the buzz time, where the frequency of purchasing tickets is going to be alarmingly high. The only problem is that people flying in to Rio De Janeiro do not realize that it will overall cost them far less to reach that particular destination by public transport after they reach Sao Paulo or Brasilia than it would by reaching Rio directly by air. The only thing they would have to sacrifice on their hands is time. Since majority of tourists and football fanatics are going to stay in the country for an extended period of time (possibly during the climax of the World Cup, if their favorite teams qualify), they might as well waste some time in order to save an abundant amount of money.

3. In which city should you stay and what are the rates of these places?

In Which City Should You Stay And What Are The Rates Of These Places

Given below are the rates of the different forms of accommodations you can choose while staying in Brazil for the World Cup. The cities for which the rates have been provided are Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. As stated earlier, Rio is going to cost you more than Sao Paulo but if that is where your desired destination is going to be, so be it.

Sao Paulo

  • Hotels (room for 2): $340
  • Hostels: $59
  • Apartments: $215 

Rio De Janeiro

  • Hotels (room for 2): $416
  • Hostels: $90
  • Apartments: $391

Currently, Sao Paulo holds to be the most cost effective destination for tourists, even for people who are not burdened by financial constraints. However, do not be so eager to move with haste to these locations. Carrying a smartphone will provide an additional lifeline to you and your trip because you can use cheap international calling apps to continuously maintain communication with your travel agent. Since there are thousands of people who will be visiting the country, with a large portion of them choosing the same travel agent as you, chances are that your route will get altered. So check in with your travel agent every time you want to avoid confusion or misinformation.

4. Brazil is not a safe place, so watch your surroundings

Brazil Is Not A Safe Place So Watch Your Surroundings

Even though the World Cup does happen to be a monumental event, it does not make the situation for tourists and foreign fans any easier. With the amount of tourists visiting Brazil, it will be the perfect opportunity for muggers, petty thieves, and scam artists to start celebrating ‘Christmas in June and July’. If you are going to travel at night, make sure you do it with your group of friends and not alone. Furthermore, if you happen to possess VISA credit and debit cards, carrying them will be far more secure than carrying cash. Since VISA is one of the sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, you can use these cards freely without running in to payment processing problems. Even if you manage to misplace it, or constructing a worst case scenario, fall victim to petty thieves, the heightened security of the card will prevent them from performing large scale transactions on it, and visiting the banks in Brazil will provide you with another copy. Nonetheless, it is always better to stay away from trouble rather than finding it.

Football fans have a whole month of treats waiting for them in Brazil. However, do not let the high level of excitement cloud your financial insight. Use the above tips to your advantage and you will have ended your trip on a cost effective note.

To catch the live updates of the first match taking place between Brazil V Croatia, visit this link.


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