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pCell: Technology that will make internet speed 1000 times faster than 4G LTE connectivity

June 13, 2014 by Omar Sohail

There is a universal law in technology that should be understood by now. If there is a form of technology that exists, somewhere in the foreseeable future, it will be replaced with a faster, efficient and flexible form of technology. That being said, Artemis, a startup company, is manufacturing products that are commonly known as disruptive technology, or technology that creates products that will hinder the growth of other organizations. The company’s latest product is the pCell, which happens to be a wireless pattern box that will be able to overcome the speed barriers of 4G LTE connectivity by providing users with internet speeds that will be a 1000 times faster than the aforementioned carrier service.

What is pCell?

What Is Pcell

Without jumping in to exactly what the product does, let us go throw a few technicalities and scenarios. As you are well aware of, cell phone towers are transmitting signals to smartphones which allow the devices to receive a high level of reception, both in cellular and data connectivity areas. The further your device is away from these cell phone towers, the weaker the signal strength you will receive on your device. Now this is one particular scenario that not many people are aware of. Cell phone towers are transmitting signals at the exact same frequency as the other cell phone towers placed in various high altitude regions. These cell phone towers have to be strategically placed in the following pattern.

  • Cell phone towers have to be far away from each other so as to not cause interference
  • They have to be placed close enough for the user to keep on receiving optimum level of service

The above scenario will no doubt require a high level of precision when deploying cell phone towers. If smartphone and regular cell phone users are receiving their signals from a single cell phone tower, then increasing the amount of users using that tower will have a detrimental effect on the level of call quality. As a result, using data connectivity to send free texts to recipients as well as cellular connectivity service will be hampered severely. Artemis’ pCell is offering something completely new to the table and has taken an entirely different approach to the concept of signal transmitting.

Here is what the company has proposed so far

Here Is What The Company Has Proposed So Far

The startup company wants to deploy and setup an abundant number of boxes that are equivalent to the size of networking routers, which will be called pWaves. The purpose of pWaves will be to provide a far better quality of service in a concentrated area. Rather than working with the principle of avoiding signals from two cell phone towers, the pCell will be working in the opposite direction; by allowing the same frequency signals to collide with one another. The colliding signals will be coming from several pWave base stations (which will also be placed at high altitudes), with each pCell box deployed will mean that you will be receiving full signal reception (full bars of signal) when it comes to data connectivity. The full signal strength combined with the colliding signals will also mean that users will be able to receive internet speeds that are 1000 times faster than 4G LTE connectivity.

How exactly is pCell better and faster than 4G or LTE?

How Exactly Is Pcell Better And Faster Than 4G Or LTE

In addition to boosting speeds and signal strength, the pCell devices will also be extremely energy efficient. pWave radios will be using approximately 1 milliwatts in transmitting data, which is considerably less compared to the 250 milliwatts that majority of the Wi-Fi radios consume to transmit data. Cell phone towers’ components use larger amounts power, which automatically makes them the least efficient way of transmitting signals. The energy efficiency and capabilities of the pWave radios will benefit all cell phones, including smartphones. This is because existing devices will no longer need to waste large amounts of battery power searching for signals, which will result in a larger battery backup time, which will also mean that you will be able to send free texts to your loved ones for a longer period of time.

What are the biggest advantages of using the pCell technology?

What Are The Biggest Advantages Of Using The Pcell Technology

One perk of having pCell installed in an area is that you will not be required to purchase a separate compatible smartphone to work with this form of technology. Artemis has designed the pCell in such a way that it will be compatible with existing smartphones that possess 4G or LTE connectivity.

How long until consumers can effectively start using the pCell technology?

How Long Until Consumers Can Effectively Start Using The Pcell Technology

pCell will be ready to deliver the service to consumers during the fourth quarter of 2014, with the debut launch taking place in San Francisco. Furthermore, Artemis is also in the midst of looking for a partner that will be able to setup pWaves to as many as 350 different rooftops scattered across the city. This approach will be sufficient enough to cover the entire city, so that every single user will be able to enjoy the benefits of using connectivity speeds that are 1000 times faster than 4G LTE connectivity.

After San Francisco, the company stated that it will be deploying pCells to various parts of the country. The CEO of Artemis, Steve Perlman has stated that if the technology is able to gain significant amounts of fame in 12 months, then the pCell will be able to cater to other markets by the end of 2015.  The only hurdle that is currently standing in Artemis’ way is looking for a suitable partner that will be able to provide and share significant amounts of capital required to setup the necessary infrastructure across to an entire city.

Packet data providing carriers will no doubt be weary of the situation. They will have to come up with a plan to either attempt to permanently finish off Artemis’ goal, or partner up with them, with the latter being the most prudent decision. Seeing how this form of technology is something that will benefit not only the consumers, but the environment as well, it is already a winning form of technology. 

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