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Show your Love to your Dad by reconnecting with him this Father’s Day

June 13, 2014 by Soha Naveed

The role of being a father deals with hard, tedious decisions, along with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes, taking care of your family may put all of your priorities down, yet being a father seems to be one of the happiest professions on the planet. Surely, controlling your teen kids was a huge pain, but wouldn’t the outcome of a successful child always make you proud?

Father’s Day

Of course, we love our fathers and we should always do it for how they bless us with countless blessings. Nonetheless, celebrating Father’s Day is the essence of expressing love to our fathers. Father’s Day should not be just celebrated for dads only – it should include all of the men who act as our fathers – like our grandfathers and godfathers.

From the 15th of July 1910, the U.S. state of Washington celebrated the first Father’s Day. With the passage of time, in 1972, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official nationwide holiday, along with Father’s day. Ever since, people take this day not only as a nationwide holiday, but as a day to create special moments with their fathers. According to a recent survey, Americans are found spending more than a billion dollars each year on the gifts they buy on Father’s Day.

How you can celebrate your Father’s Day?

To celebrate Father’s Day, all you need to do is make your father happy and loved. There are number of ways of doing that.

     1. Make Him Breakfast in Bed

Make Him Breakfast In Bed

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – fits perfectly for our hard working fathers. There’s nothing more special for a father that to eat food made by his prince and princess.

     2. Plan a Family Get Together

Plan A Family Get Together

By nature, Father’s Day stands as a family day. Use this day to connect all the family together. Think about adding all the members who you believe play roles of fathers. You can conduct this gathering at your father’s favourite place, park or even at the beach if not at home.

     3. Take him to his Favourite Sport Game

Take Him To His Favourite Sport Game

Dads love sports. Why not get him a ticket of his favourite sport and team and tag along with him?

     4. Bake a Cake or Make his Favourite Dish

Bake A Cake Or Make His Favourite Dish

He would love to eat his favourite cake or dish on this day. Why not make it for him for his smile?

     5. Get him a Gift Basket

Get Him A Gift Basket

Get him gifts – the things that he fancies the most. Add them in a basket, decorate it and enjoy the moments of happiness when you gift it to him.

     6. Give him a Call if You Are miles away from him

Give Him A Call If You Are Miles Away From Him

You might not be able to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad for being out of country. That shouldn’t stop you as you can easily call him up through cheap measures. Make cheap international calls through cheap calling apps such as Yello to wish your father and spend hours talking to him, without worrying about your call bill.

Celebrating Father’s Day is important in terms of showing your father how much you love him and letting them know they’re important to you. Give your father the happiness he deserves on this day by celebrating it the way he loves it. He deserves this!

Happy Father’s day to all the dads in the world! 


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