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5 features of LG’s G3 that will make you want to ditch your Galaxy S5

June 16, 2014 by Omar Sohail

It is very surprising to see that even though LG’s previous flagship smartphone, the G2 possessed monstrous specifications (enough to easily surpass Galaxy S4’s performance), the company only managed to sell 2.3 million units, which is far below its expected sales mark of 10 million units. The G2 still happens to be a powerful mobile device but the company has decided to heal old wounds and release the G3, its current flagship smartphone. There are five features present in this smartphone that will force you to ditch your Galaxy S5 and go for this one. Let us take a look at these features.

1. Wireless charging capabilities

Wireless Charging

There are two advantages of purchasing the G3. One of them is that this smartphone has a higher battery capacity compared to the Galaxy S5 (3000 mAh compared to S5’s 2800 mAh). The battery alone will grant you to commit yourself to use your phone and its apps for a longer period of time, which will range from gaming apps, office editing apps right down to cheap international calling apps. The battery’s best feature is that it is removable. Furthermore, the smartphone’s package bundle will present a charger with wireless charging capabilities. Now, even though LG’s smartphone competitors, ranging from Samsung to other companies have also included wireless charging capabilities in to their own Android smartphones, the G3 clearly has the advantage. How? This is because LG has assimilated the technology right into the G3, something that other companies tend to omit (for minimizing the costs). The G3 supports the Qi wireless standard, which means if you already have a device with a wireless charging ability, then your existing charger will easily work on it.

2. Quad HD display on a larger screen

Quad HD Display On A Larger Screen

When the Galaxy S5 was released, rumors that it would feature a Quad HD display (this kind of display has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels) were debunked completely. The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1 inch screen with a 1920 by 1080 pixels. The G3 presents a far larger screen with and an even crispier resolution. The Quad HD resolution is present on a 5.5 inch screen, and thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chipset (which features a quad core Krait 450 processor that is clocked in 2.5 GHz), the higher resolution will not slow down the operating system of the smartphone. In fact, the Snapdragon 801 has been manufactured to handle navigational loads on such a high resolution.

3. The G3’s camera features Laser Autofocus

The G3’S Camera Features Laser Autofocus

Even though the Galaxy S5 has more megapixels in its camera compared to G3 (16 megapixel compared to G3’s 13 megapixel), we are all aware by now that it is not just the amount of megapixels present in your smartphone that are able to produce a more embellished and refined camera image. There are other features as well and fortunately for the G3, the Laser Autofocus feature is one those features that will deliver the crushing blow on the Galaxy S5’s 16 megapixel camera. LG’s G3 already possesses the OIS+ (optical image stabilization plus), which promises better stabilization and improved shots in low-light conditions compared to the original OIS feature. Coming back to the Laser Autofocus feature; this feature will allow you to capture images on your G3 in the blink of an eye. The user will be able to accurately focus on the subject that needs to be captured. Regardless if that particular subject is placed at a very large distance from your G3’s camera, the user will still be able to capture it accurately.

4. The G3 features a smart keyboard

The G3 Features A Smart Keyboard

Android smartphones’ on-screen keyboards are not thought of to provide the best user friendly interface possible to smartphone users. However, with the introduction of the smart keyboard feature present in the G3, your typing experience is about to get a whole lot better. The user will be able to view several settings for the smart keyboard (far more settings than the regular keyboard). Using these settings, the user can manually adjust them to their liking and start using the on-screen keyboard effortlessly. Another thing present in the smart keyboard is that the user can opt to enlarge its size or decrease it, whichever option that will make the experience far more comfortable to the user, will be selected. With the 5.5 inch display, the G3 is practically a phablet, meaning that this smartphone will be wider than majority of the regular sized smartphones. The extra width with allow users to enjoy the keyboard feature even further. However, if the user does not feel comfortable with using the smart keyboard feature, then they can always opt to use the swift key feature, which is a feature present in all current generation smartphones.

5. Smart notice and Google Now provide a lethal combination for smartphone voice interaction

Notice And Google Now Provide A Lethal Combination For Smartphone Voice Interaction

Prior to the smartphone reaching its launch date, there were speculations hovering across the globe that LG was going to replace the Google Now feature with the company’s own voice interaction software called Smart notice. The company is much smarter than what people give it credit for. Google Now is perhaps one of the biggest perks of owning an Android smartphone and LG’s insertion of the Smart notice interface with Google Now has resulted in an augmented voice integration experience for the G3 user. Apart from reminding you on what important days there are in the calendar year, the Smart notice feature will also tell you whether it is going to rain or not so can be prepared for any contingency in advance and grab your umbrella. If you do not have your phone with you and there is a missed call in your notification bar, then the interface will also remind you about it. The one severely disliked thing about Android smartphones is that you have to perform routine maintenances on it so that it can continue to deliver its smooth and lag free experience to the user. Smart notice aids in this matter by reminding you about apps that you hardly use which can be removed or useless storage space that can be removed to free up disk space. In addition, Smart notice also reminds you to clear the cache and delete temporary files on your smartphone to help bring the device to its original condition.

The LG G3 will be in UK stores on the 1st of July, at a price of £500. The device will feature a microSD slot (something that the G2 did not posses) with a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB. There are two internal storage variants available for the G3. They are.

  • 16 GB internal storage that will feature 2 GB of RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage that will feature 3 GB of RAM

All smartphone users know that they will not have the entire 16 GB vacant for them to stuff whatever they want to. Some of the space is taken up by pre-loaded software. LG has been kind to smartphone users because they have increased the existing 10 GB usable storage on the 16 GB version to nearly 12 GB on the G3 by removing unnecessary pre-loaded software. This will grant more space and battery life to the user. By removing the simple things and adding a bunch of cool features, LG has transformed the G3 into a powerful and convenient hand-held device. Hopefully, the G3 will be able to rack up larger sales compared to its predecessor. 

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