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Asus Transformer Book V: 5 reasons that will make this product a hit

June 16, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Asus might not be a company well known when it comes to delivering quality customer service, but seeing how the company is well versed with manufacturing innovative and quality enriched products, some trade – offs can be accepted by the technological world. The company unveiled its latest offering, the Transformer Book V during the Computex 2014. The Transformer Book V, which according to the company; the product is pronounced as ‘five’ and not as the letter ‘V’, comprises of three products in a single package that deliver a maximum of five features to the user. These five features will be translated in to five reasons why the Transformer Book V will become a hit product after the company starts to mass produce it.

1. Three products in a single package

Three Products In A Single Package

Now, Asus’ products are not known to come with a cost effective price tag (those that are, are normally fitted in with previous generation components). Even though Asus has not revealed the price tag that this product will come with after it hit retailers, lots of consumers who have purchased previous Asus products before will know that even the Transformer Book V will come at a very heavy price tag. And why wouldn’t it? If the company ends up delivering three products to you in a single package, then you might as well be paying for it as well. Speaking of the three products, they are given below:

  • Windows laptop
  • Windows tablet
  • Android smartphone

Coming to the laptop side of things, the 12.5 inch screen of the device runs the Windows 8.1 operating system and to provide a combination of flexibility to the user, the keyboard can be detached from the screen, turning the screen in to a full fledge Windows 8.1 tablet. Although Asus never made it clear as to what kind of processor will be running inside the laptop / hybrid, they did hint that it possesses an Intel processor with a 64 bit compatible architecture. If you ever get tired of tapping the keys continuously on the device, then you can always remove the keyboard and start a touchscreen interface with the tablet. One commendable thing about the Windows operating system is that it happens to be a smooth and fluid running operating system. You will seldom encounter areas where your device starts to slow down.

Coming to the mobile side of things, the Asus Transformer Book V features a 5 inch screen smartphone that is running the Android operating system. Asus did not care to reveal the model of this device, but they did state that this smartphone is going to be the first ever smartphone to run Intel’s quad core Atom processor.

2. Two forms of storage on the Transformer Book V

Two Forms Of Storage On The Transformer Book V

The Laptop / tablet hybrid will feature two forms of internal storage. Since all tablets are comprised up of internal flash storage (flash memory chips instead of a mechanical hard drive), the device will feature 128 GB of flash storage. In addition, it will also feature a 1 TB (Terabyte) hard drive present at the base (keyboard base) of the laptop. If you ever wanted a device which will provide you with copious amounts of storage space, then you can set your eyes on the Asus’ Transformer Book V.

3. Smartphone specifications are sufficient enough for majority of users

Smartphone Specifications Are Sufficient Enough For Majority Of Users

As stated earlier, the Transformer Book V will feature a smartphone that will be running the Android operating system (version 4.4 to be exact). The smartphone might not be as intimidating as the OnePlus One or the Galaxy S5, its specifications are sufficient enough, even for a heavy multi-tasker. With Intel’s quad core Atom processor coupled with 2 GB of RAM, you will have the most taxing of applications, which includes gaming and free international calling apps, running smooth as silk. Furthermore, the 64 GB internal storage and the 2550 mAh battery will be more than enough for the user to store media and use the device for an elongated period of time. There is a docking station at back side of the laptop’s screen, where you can store your smartphone in case you get tired of carrying it in your hand or your pants all day.

4. The following features will amaze you!

The Following Features Will Amaze You

The docking station at the back of your laptop is not just there to prevent the unnecessary burden of you having to carry the large smartphone in your hand. The docking station also acts as an interface station, so when you jam your smartphone in to the dock, the Android operating system’s interface will appear on your Windows 8.1 operating system interface, allowing you full control of the phone’s Android operating system. In this way, you can also transfer items between each operating system, which presents a more flexible outlook to the Transformer Book V. Since the smartphone possesses LTE (long term evolution) connectivity, hooking it up in to the docking station will also grant the laptop / hybrid with LTE connectivity, which is a great perk to have if you happen to be in a location where there are no Wi-Fi hotspots around.

5. Buying the whole package will be cheaper in the long run

Buying The Whole Package Will Be Cheaper In The Long Run

As stated earlier, Asus normally does not stamp its products with a price tag that will make consumers looking for a budget product severely uncomfortable. Although the company has not put out any kind of information regarding the price tag the Transformer Book V will come in, by no means should you expect this product to be cheap. Getting a three in one package will no doubt be costly, but in the grand scheme of things, the company will no doubt price it in such a way that will make it more cost effective than purchasing three separate products. Also, even if purchasing three separate products will end up saving you more money, it is the portability factor that will sway consumers to purchase this product. This is because too much time and effort will be wasted carrying the three separate products that potential customers will have no choice but to opt for purchasing the Transformer Book V.

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