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4 products that Google has managed to kill off by this time

June 18, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Having a market capitalization of $370.79 billion and with nearly 50,000 employees it employs, Google happens to be one of successful technological companies in the world (only falling behind Apple in terms of market capitalization). Its series of acquisitioning start up technological companies has allowed the tech giant to stay far ahead of the trending curve in technology and it will possibly make sure that its stronghold is not threatened by any company in the foreseeable future. Its search engine carries a search run of approximately 100 billion search results daily, making it the most used search engine on the planet. During the company’s growth, Google has managed to disrupt the hindrance of several products and applications that were used by individuals on a daily basis, once upon a time. After all, you don’t become one of the most successful companies in the world by not bulldozing your way through the competition. Without further ado, here are four products that Google has managed to kill off so far.

1. Paper maps

Paper Maps

Although paper based maps are still a part of a traveler’s arsenal, they are used in far less frequencies than the amount they were used before. Thanks to Google Maps, which keep on updating themselves to keep the user up to date on the locations that have changed over the course of many years, paper maps will never be able to provide the kind of flexibility that Google Maps offers because this feature is constantly being updated with up to date directions, not to mention other enhancements like displaying the closest route to your desired location by choosing to walk on foot, car or by public transport. Nonetheless, in areas where users are unable to access the Maps app, these paper-based maps serve as the next best alternative solution to get around. In addition to Google Maps, Google Earth allows the user to view any part of the Earth via satellite imagery. These satellite images are able to help the user view maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and many other elements through this application. That’s not all what Google is planning in order to become the supreme ruler of map based applications. The company’s latest acquisition of Titan Aerospace will allow Google to display real time satellite imagery right to the user’s computer or handheld gadget, so everything that you view in that application will be taking place right before your very eyes.

2. Phone Booths

Phone Booths

Google’s Android operating system has a global market share of nearly 80%. What that means is that out of the 1.5 billion smartphones that were sold in 2013, nearly 80% of them are running the Google’s operating system. By snaring such a high global market share, Google has managed to disrupt the progression of several products in the world right now. One of them happens to be phone booths. Phone booths used to provide users with access to communication at cheap rates; where all a user had to do was to insert coin based currency and he could reach out to the other person that they were trying to contact. Now, thanks to the ubiquitous existence of smartphones and smartphone calling apps, the calls are made cheaper and the service is made more efficient. Due to these cheap international calling apps that come with these gadgets, phone booths have become obsolete. One advantage of using these cheap international calling apps is that these apps provide a much cheaper rate than what users used to pay on phone booths and secondly, you will not be required to waste too much effort by covering a large amount of distance just to reach a phone booth to make a call. With smartphones and its apps, these tasks can be carried out at home or while moving from one place to another.

3. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Encyclopedias And Dictionaries

As stated earlier, Google’s search engine carries out nearly 100 billion search filters on a daily basis. What that means is that if anyone is looking for any kind of a solution to a problem, all they have to do is open the Google search engine, type in whatever it is they are looking and they will be given an abundant number of search results, which will easily be able to answer whatever question they had placed in the search. With information being found in a matter of seconds, regardless of whether it is taken from online encyclopedias or from online dictionaries, the frequency of using physical books has severely diminished because it takes a very large amount of time looking for the required information and using this approach does not always guarantee that you will find what you were looking for. With Google’s search engine, the answers to your questions are displayed instantaneously. With the integration of Google Now in smartphones and in web browsers, users can now search for answers and information alike by speaking in to the microphone of their device (negating the need for typing the query) and just like before, they will be able to get the search results.

4. Cassettes and CDs

Cassettes And Cds

When you have the facility to download digital content such as movies, games, music, documentaries etc, why would you want to take the harder route and purchase Cassettes and CDs which would spoil after a certain period of time? With so many content sharing websites present on the World Wide Web, you can search for any form of media through Google Search and you will be given everything that has been released so far in the form of a digital download.  

Google’s paramount objective of becoming the most innovative and successful technological company in the world may have taken out several products out of commission, it is very well possible that Google might also end up becoming the global lead provider of your internet service. Google Fiber is just the tip of the iceberg to provide users with blazing fast internet speeds. The company has also planned on launching 180 satellites that will be able to provide the entire planet with fast browsing, downloading and uploading speeds. After the acquisition of Titan Aerospace, the next venture will end up costing Google over $1 billion, which is a minute amount for a company that has a market cap of over $350 billion USD. While the objective of every business is to make a profit, the reason why Google is all geared up to set this plan in motion is because it will lead to large ad revenue for the company, as companies will be advertising using Google’s internet service. Seeing the aforementioned products that Google has managed to cross off its lists, your internet service provider might also be one of them in the foreseeable future. 

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