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Extreme Strategies of TOP 3 Smartphone Makers You Have to Read to Believe

June 19, 2014 by Soha Naveed

The battlefield of the smartphones is competitive than ever. Each year, the smartphone giants bring competitive edge to raise their bars. Keeping the performances of the main smartphone titans in consideration, the story of their success and downfalls are prominent. While some of the smartphone companies are going towards extinction, others are restoring their glory through their strategies of gaining customers. The idea behind these innovative strategies is not only to raise the bar of competition, but to increase consumer attraction towards the brand. For instance, Apple first launched the use of the app Viber as a free international texting app. Later on, Android followed the trend as well. By promoting free texting apps, these companies boost their targets and increase their revenues and stay ahead in the game. As interesting as it is, here are the extreme strategies of 3 different smartphone makers which will demonstrate how they stay heads-up in the competition.

Apple’s Strategy:

Apple Strategy

Recently, Apple launched its new line of smartphones, known as Apple iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. IPhone 5S was the second generation smartphone with the first one being iPhone 5. This however, did not shape well for Apple Inc. as their margins fell, yet they emerged to compete with the price competitive smartphone brands. To save their backs, Apple Inc. introduced a tailor-made smartphone, which apparently was strategized by the name of iPhone Lite – a polycarbonate smartphone which was something which Apple Inc. did for the very first time; breaking the white and black colour and presenting a smartphone which comes in different colours. Furthermore, Apple launched something out of the box – iOS 7. The iOS 7 offers customizable features to the users. This allowed Apple Inc. to gain more consumers as people wanted a bit change from the iPhones. With iPhone Lite playing a huge role in penetrating the majority leading markets, Apple used the best of their minds after the death of the founder and mastermind Steve Jobs.

Samsung’s Strategy:

Samsung Strategy

One of the most prominent giants in the smartphone industries is the Korean lead Samsung. With 33.2 percent sales from all the smartphones, Samsung labelled itself as the pioneer in the smartphone industry by selling 319.8 million smartphones units. Samsung maybe prominent in TVs and washing machines, but their smartphones, especially the Galaxy range gave them recognizable presence in not just the smartphone market, but throughout the world as well. Samsung gave a new face to smartphones. With their gestures and motions features, consumers loved how innovative a smartphone could be. With the name of Galaxy and the caption of “designed for humans”, Samsung gave a whole new shape to the smartphone market. Now with the gear watch with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, let’s see what comes next in the world of Galaxy.  

Huawei’s Strategy:

Huaweis Strategy

We are aware of the two leading giants mentioned above, Apple and Samsung. With BlackBerry and Nokia not being very competitive in the race of smartphones, a new contender took the crown of standing in the top three. It is none other than the China based company, Huawei. The world’s third largest makers of smartphones, Huawei Technologies Co came behind Apple and Samsung with 16.6 million smartphone units supplied in the final quarter of 2013. With the aim of doubling their sales this year, Huawei went beyond tablets and smartphones. They launched their first ever smart bracelet in Barcelona in February 2014. This gave a neck to neck competition to Samsung’s Note 3 gear. The smart bracelet resulted to 8% increase in the total revenue of the company.

The competition is always increasing when it comes to smartphones. While the smartphone makers use different strategies, consumers and smartphone lovers wait to make their choice for their next smart gadget.

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