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3 ways how we can reduce Pakistan's business communication problems

June 20, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Just like every other developing country in the world, Pakistan holds an abundance of resources that will allow it to climb to the top of the food chain and develop in to an intellectually and technologically powerful country. Irrespective of the fact that most problems faced by Pakistan can take an innumerable amount of time to fix, the addressing of an issue in order to cause awareness is the first step to reduce a problem. One of the problems being faced by the country is falling out of the business communication area. Here are three ways how Pakistan’s business communication problems can be reduced.

1.  Small and medium enterprises should improve their networking infrastructure

Small And Medium Enterprises Should Improve Their Networking Infrastructure

Since large enterprises do not require to improve their existing networking infrastructure (due to the fact that they have already adopted one), it falls upon the owners of small and medium enterprises to improve their networking infrastructure for a number of reasons. Firstly, existing infrastructures utilize obsolete equipment and medium for communicating with other businesses. Overtime, the equipment requires maintenance to maintain its peak working condition. The only problem is that maintenance will not only waste an abounding amount of money, but the quality of service compared to the latest networking equipment will be far below satisfactory. Failure to remove such equipment will also result in the lack of flexibility and features that the new networking infrastructure carries. The new features will include:

  • Making cheap international calls to other countries to request for acquisition material. These calls will not only reduce the overall phone bill, but will also provide a better voice quality.
  • Flexible features will include lack of equipment that will take up less space, cost less and also provide less amount of time and money to maintain.
  • Due to these flexible features, the organization staff who was working with the previous equipment, will not be required to be trained to use the current equipment, reducing time wastage and increasing overall productivity.  

2. Adopting new networking infrastructure will sprout up more small and medium sized businesses

Adopting New Networking Infrastructure Will Sprout Up More Small And Medium Sized Businesses

Small and medium sized organizations employ a limited number of personnel and work on a smaller scale compared to larger organizations. Occasionally, these companies are subsidiaries of larger companies. Since small and medium sized businesses occupy a smaller amount of space as compared to larger businesses, the large overheads (indirect costs) will be minimized and these forms of businesses will be preferred over larger scale businesses. In this age, where technology is rampant, startup companies that are able to drive business by bringing out products that deliver innovation and flexibility are normally small and / or medium sized businesses.

3. Promoting businesses to adopt new networking infrastructure equipment

Promoting Businesses To Adopt New Networking Infrastructure Equipment

Similar to any businesses out there, lots of small and medium sized businesses are always skeptical about moving to a new range of equipment. Their skepticism ranges from the high costs of procuring the equipment, to being unfamiliar about the workings of this equipment right down to whether or not adopting this method will actually reduce the indirect costs that are incurred on a monthly basis. To make such businesses influenced to the idea of new networking infrastructure; workshops, seminars and events should be held in order to preach to the business owners on the advantages of adopting these business telecommunication mediums.

Throwing out the old and bringing in the new is not an easy thing to accept and adopt, but with the right approach and right message, Pakistan’s business communication problems can be reduced sufficiently by adopting new communication techniques.

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