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5 cool apps to have a mind-boggling FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014

June 23, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

It’s no brainer that FIFA world cup 2014 fever is on everywhere in the world. Its 64 nerve-wrecking matches before we know who wins the title this time.

2014’s football championship is extremely digitally interactive and probably these five apps can help you make most of FIFA world cup.

1. Yello – Talk Endlessly


Available on: Google Play Store/iTunes/BlackBerry World

Cost: Free

“Oh sh*t man it should have been a goal!!?”

“Seriously! Was the referee blind?”

“Can somebody please wake up the goal keeper?”

“I can’t believe this, what happened to Spain this year!?”

“Damn! Algeria is on fire!!”

Admit it you are so used to sending such type of texts to your BFFs, who are as crazy about world’s largest sporting event as you are.

And honestly what FIFA world cup is without important discussions with your football fanatic friends?

Sharing your valued opinion like an expert with your pals is the most incredible part of being a die-hard football fan. And of course, the thrill of teasing your buddies when most of your predictions come true is priceless.

And thank God its year 2014 as all these fun and inevitable conversations are free due to apps like Yello, which makes free texting, free calling and free video calling possible.

2. Adidas 2014 FIFA World Cup LWP – Epic Wallpapers

Adidas 2014 FIFA World Cup LWP – Epic Wallpapers

Available on: Google Play Store/iTunes

Cost: Free

FIFA world cup is like a festival where every fan wants to enjoy the spirit of it – whether they get to see the live action in a stadium or not.

Adidas 2014 FIFA world Cup LWP (live wallpaper) is one such app which reminds you of this great festival every time you unlock your smartphone with some great live wallpapers and widgets.

And also there is a short animation video played whenever you use the phone.

3. FIFA 14 by EA Sports – Create your own World Cup

FIFA 14 By EA Sports – Create Your Own World Cup

Available on: Google Play Store/iTunes

Cost: Free

FIFA games by EA Sports have always been fans’ favorite! And this time too, the company has released a special edition for FIFA world cup 2014 for all those gamers who want to play out their own version of the world cup. Fantasy football championship is high around this time.

But before downloading, it is highly suggested to check your device’s compatibility with the game’s requirement as it’s a quite heavy app.

And needless to say, you are going to love the graphics of FIFA 14 and also there are three extra modes of the game available – namely, Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off.

4. FIFA – the official app

FIFA – The Official App

Available on: Google Play Store/iTunes

Cost: Free

At the end of the day, you really need an app which provides most authentic information about the game. And FIFA app should be your ultimate choice because it is official and it really reveals some exclusive stuff.  

The app stores are filled with applications promising to give you up-to-date information about ‘FIFA world cup Brasil’ but for hard core latest FIFA world cup info and the timetable of matches, don’t rely on any other app except the official one.

5. FIFA world cup on Social Media – Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Vine

FIFA World Cup On Social Media

Available on: Google Play Store/iTunes

Cost: Free

There are official pages of FIFA world cup on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – you can join them for latest football world cup stuff.

Twitter has many worth following hastags that ensures to abreast you with everything related to world cup. And also football players share personal stuff on Twitter, even Mashable has made a list of football players you should follow.

As for Instagram, amazing pictures of World Cup are added every minute and you simply can’t afford to miss it. Vine also happens to share great mini clips too.

In short, stay active on the FIFA news as much on the social platforms as you can for the sake of having a blast during FIFA world cup 2014.


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