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Call to Pakistan as cheap as 5.85 cents/min only through Yello

June 23, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Call rates keep going through a continuous revision until they reach a balance of providing users with cost effective rates in order for them to call their friends and loved ones. Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, users can globally call their friends and loved ones for prolonged periods of time on cheap international calling rates. However, some of these rates are still too expensive for users to make calls on a regular basis, specifically for Pakistani workers who are living in different countries to provide for their families. The rising cost of rent, coupled with acquiring basic necessities for survival and other items leaves insufficient amount of money for these workers to call back home.

Problems faced by Pakistani workers abroad

Majority of the workers that search for employment outside the country are categorized under unskilled labor. Workers being branded as unskilled labor will always receive significantly smaller amount of payments compared to workers who are proficient and knowledgeable in their trade. Now, since unskilled workers are being paid a smaller amount, they will obviously have to be more careful about their expenses. Even so, being more careful does not exactly serve them any benefits because approximately 75% of their entire earnings is utilized in paying the monthly rent of a tiny room that they have inhabited along with a group of other migrant workers. Furthermore, due to the disparity between exchange rates of Pakistan and other countries, acquiring food items and others, which are deemed a necessity also become a problem for these workers. With the remainder of their savings, which are not enough to call their families on a regular basis, life becomes hard not being able to communicate with their loved ones, since calling them brings them a great deal of comfort when they hear their voices after such a long time.

Call to Pakistan at extremely cheap rates

Workers who are having difficulty in finding a resourceful solution to end their woes about calling their loved ones without draining their savings dry, Yello has answered your prayers.

Given below are the rates that Pakistani workers will receive after they start using the app to avail the cheap international calling rates:

Call Rates To Pakistan 1

However, if this offer is not enough to help you out with your cheap international calling expenses, then the next offer will most certainly entice you to use the app and begin your calling spree. When you visit the website, and punch in your credentials to access your account, you can also purchase calling credit from there. If you purchase calling credit through the website, you will be entitled to call your loved ones at a 10% discount of the aforementioned rates.

The revised rates are given in the table below:

Call Rates To Pakistan 2

With Yello, the remainder of your savings can be put to great use since you can use them to purchase credit via Yello’s website and enjoy not only discounted rates, but receive comfort of calling your loved ones.


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