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5 qualities of Yello that puts it way ahead of the remaining calling apps

June 25, 2014 by Omar Sohail

With an abundant number of calling apps made available to all mobile operating systems, choosing the one that perfectly accommodates your needs can be a very challenging task. Fortunately for you, we have outlined five core reasons why one such app, called Yello happens to be a much better calling app than the remaining competition out there. After thoroughly briefing you on the app, we are confident that you will immediately start using Yello to make calls and send texts.

1. Easy to use interface

Easy To Use Interface

Lots of free calling apps out there might provide the level of functionality that is required from a dialer app, but that will be of no use if the user has difficulty navigating through the contents of the app. If an app ends up confusing users more than fulfilling their requirements on what an app should do, then that specific app will be permanently removed from the storage of the device. Users might also end up giving a bad rating to the app, which will further diminish its reputation amongst potential users. The developers of the Yello app have taken this aspect in to close consideration and have brought up the most user friendly interface that a user can hope to get from a dialer app.

With specific sections related to each category of the app (free calls, free texts and multimedia messages and cheap calls), you will be able to navigate much faster. Another thing needs to be pointed out is that most calling apps don’t import your entire contact list present in your phone directory. Instead, you will have to manually send them a request to join, which is an extremely tedious and excruciatingly painful task. Fortunately, for Yello users, they will be able to view all of their contacts and see which user is registered on the app, prominently. The user interface simply cannot get better than this.

2. Extremely easy to register

Extremely Easy To Register

After downloading and installing the other calling apps, users are required to either input their cell phone number or their email address. Majority of the apps ask for a working cell phone number, after which a text is sent to the user’s phone inbox detailing a PIN code for which the user can register on the app. This is where the problem lies. After you have requested for a PIN code via text to your inputted cell phone number, majority of the times you will view your inbox as empty, with no code sent to your number. Most apps have assimilated this flexibility option to call users on their numbers if they haven’t received any PIN code notification via texts.

When users are prompted to choose the calling option, they have to wait an extended period of time before they actually receive the call. With Yello, the users are provided with the exact same functionality during their registration; input a working phone number or choose the calling option. The only difference is that, the operation on Yello is far more reliable than any free dialer VOIP app available. If users do not receive a text, then they will most definitely receive a phone call in the shortest time span possible. With Yello, you will not only be getting a user friendly interface, you will also be getting a reliable service.

3. Free calling credits when you register through Yello website

Free Calling Credits When You Register Through Yello Website

Perhaps the biggest perk to using Yello is that you will be rewarded with additional free credits when you register on the website. To register, please visit and enter all the required details in the fields. One of the fields will require you to input your PIN code that you receive via text or call. You will also be required to input a valid email address that you are using. After everything checks out, you will be awarded free credits. Using these free credits, you will be able to make cheap international calls from anywhere on earth, on mobile and on landlines. In addition, you will also be able to send free texts to any cell phone number in the world. Now that’s one feature that truly helps Yello stand out from the competition.

4. It has everything a user needs from a calling app

It Has Everything A User Needs From A Calling App

When someone wants to use a calling app to make a call, there are several requirements that a user is looking for. These requirements are given below:

  • Crisp and clear calling quality
  • Smooth video calling
  • Ability to send multimedia texts such as audio notes, pictures and videos

With Yello, you will not only be able to experience all the aforementioned features, but you will be given more as a registered user. With the credits, you can easily call anyone, anywhere in the world at cheap call rates and that too on any calling medium (cell phone and landline). You will also be given a choice to send free texts to any person, anywhere in the world. All you need to do is invite them to use Yello and you’re good to go. With Yello, you get the best of both worlds; free dialing and video calling apps along with a cheap international calling service for long hour calls especially without the availability of internet.

5. Cheap calling rates for users

Cheap Calling Rates For Users

The second biggest perk for using Yello (the first one being getting credits to make the cheap calls in the first place), you will be able to make cheap calls at considerable savings. To have a look at all the rates being offered in every region, head down to and have a look at the rates. The site has given users a flexible option; to not only input the country name to view the cheap calling rates, but to also scroll down below and view each country in alphabetical order to view each and every country’s individual rates (for mobile, landline and texts). A currency option has also been provided, where the user can view the rates in three different currencies.

With options to make free voice and video calls, not to mention sending free texts, Yello is perhaps your best bet to download and use a reliable dialer app. With extremely competitive rates, you can never go wrong once you start using Yello.


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