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4 advantages of VoIP apps over traditional calling methods

June 26, 2014 by Omar Sohail

When high speed internet was something only the wealthy and privileged could afford, it would not have made sense to allow making calls over the internet. Now, with high speed internet present at nearly every corner of the globe combined with faster iterations of wireless internet speeds; making calls over the internet became a reality, and is being used with ever increasing frequency. After making their way to desktop computers, VoIP apps have made their way to mobile products and are constantly being augmented with features and performance that will improve not only the voice quality between two or more participants, but improve the quality of other mediums of communication. In many ways, VoIP apps serve as an advantageous alternative to traditional calling methods. Let us see what these advantages are.

1. Absolutely free of cost

Absolutely Free Of Cost

The biggest perk of all; no costs will be incurred when making the call. Sure; to improve performance of VoIP calls, there will be several things a user might have to do (such as procuring an expensive router) but it’s a onetime expense which will make things much simpler when making calls over the internet. Also, thanks to faster wireless standards (with the 802.11 ac being the fastest one, and will be replaced by the 802.11 ad), you can experience crystal clear voice quality and more.

2. No configuration needed when making a call

No Configuration Needed When Making A Call

What good is making a call free of charge when it ends up giving you a headache just to set it up properly? Fortunately, VoIP apps do not require any form of configuration to work at optimum levels. All these apps require is a wireless hotspot (which naturally possesses decent signal strength) and you’re good to go.

3. Option to make video calls

Option To Make Video Calls

If making regular calls was not enough to appease your appetite for using VoIP apps, you can always revert to making video calls. Seeing as how far internet speeds have come, you will rarely experience a bad and choppy video calling session. It is also recommended that when a user does initiate a video call, they should be connected to the router which is running on the 5 GHz frequency, to eliminate the amount of interference caused by other devices that are emitting signals as well.

4. Additional calling features

Additional Calling Features

The user will not be expected to be connected to the internet all the time. This is exactly the reason why these VoIP apps come with the added flexibility of allowing users to make calls wherever they desire – on landlines and cell phones (any model or any type) alike. Although calling credit needs to be purchased before the user can proceed to make the call, the rates accompanied in the VoIP apps are branded under ‘cost-effective’ rates.

Will VoIP apps be able to replace traditional calling apps? With the advantages laid before, it is a possibility but since the future is a mystery, nothing can be kicked out of the equation.


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