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Things a traveller should know for a delightful journey in India

June 30, 2014 by Soha Naveed

`Namastay India!

A trip to India is one of the finest and exuberant experiences shared by tourists. India is a country which is decked with energetic people and maddening charisma, tranquillity, charm and beauty. India is so diverse and vast that nothing in the world beats the breadth and length of the never-ending nature, land and its waters. It is a country which includes rare traditions and culture bounding with each other. People who belong from various cults of life, with their different ideologies and belong from different walks of the life dwell and mingle together in the state of India.

India is well known for its heritage, traditions, culture and history. As vast as the immense land of wonders is, there are a lot of famous attractions which the tourists love. Undoubtedly, the country is a wonderland filled with immense serenity, beauty and welcoming people, making India alluring and engaging.

Famous Cities to Visit in India

Famous Cities To Visit In India

As mentioned earlier, India marks its position on the map as one of the most known and famous travel destinations in the world. Talking about famous cities, there is a long chain of places that are well-known for its history, flavour and fun. Some of the most famous cities of India are Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. Well-known amongst and native and global travellers, visiting these cities while on your trip to India are a must. You surely don’t want to miss out on the colourful bazaars and bustling city life of the exciting India.

India Tourist Attractions

India Tourist Attractions

As much as the country holds, there are plenty of tourists’ attractions worth exploring in India. From lush green valleys to the mesmerizing energetic beaches and sands; from enchanting and lively rivers to the hill stations; from historical forts to ancient temples, you will have a hard time figuring out which places to visit and which to ditch. Some of the well-known tourist attractions are Kerala Backwaters, Golden Temple, Dal Lake, Hawa Mahal and one the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. Visit these places to relive that splendorous beauty, art and architecture.

Tourist Activities in India

Tourist Activities In India

There are various activities one can do while in India as the place is action packed with plenty of things. The activities allow the tourists to indulge in some activity all the time. You can kick start with adventurous and sporting activities life houseboat cruises, camel safari, wildlife safari, trekking and even rafting. All of these activities are held on the attractions of India respectively. Nothing can be more engaging, thrilling and even adventurous than the activities India holds for its travellers. Visit different bazaars of the cities and see how India expertise in making their traditions strong. Try out the traditional food of India, which includes Doosa, Paneer daal, makkhni chicken and many more.

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A place like India is hard to express in words – you need to live the moments while you stay for a trip in India. Make sure you visit all the tourist attractions and do all what it takes to make your trip a memorable one. 

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