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4 VoIP Features That You Must Remember Before Making a Conversation

March 3, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Most of us are familiar with VoIP. For those who do not know, VoIP is a tech savvy and cheap way of communicating to your friends and family present in local and international premises. Through VoIP, you can communicate over the internet and share data at lower costs. The technology can be used on any smart device which works on the internet. This includes tablets, smartphones and even a computer. As impressive as ever, VoIP is taking the communication world by storm. In case you are not aware of the uses of VoIP and are residing under the rock, here are the top four features you must know about it.

1. VoIP is to make inexpensive call!

People always used to make a call through thier mobile operator. Remember before making any call, VoIP is to make inexpensive calls all around the world. Nowaday, a large population still prefers calls over the internet through their smartphone. According to Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, 24% of the adult internet users of America make calls through online means. The VoIP apps are make available to every mobile smart phone operating system, allowing users to make individual and conference calls on the go. The apps also feature instant texting. Best of all, majority of the VoIP apps are free to download.

2. VoIP is to send Cheap Text messages!

Student always wish to save their money which is wasted on texting packages - Students, VoIP is the best thing for you. Utilizing VoIP’s cheap texting is a great way to communicate with your friends and family, at cheaper rates. The apps allow the users to send cheap texts to friends and family living abroad in particular. From group messaging to individual ones, many of the VoIP apps provide cheap texting options to the user. So now you do not have to spend your money in getting expensive texting cellular packages.

3. How often you make Video Call with Friends and Family?

Video calling is another feature which is given to us by VoIP. In case you are missing a dear one, you can easily make a video call to them. It is an ideal tool for holding long conversations with families and friends, without the feeling of missing. Use VoIP app when you wish to speak to someone face to face. Keep in mind that when you are using the video call option with your smart VoIP app, make sure it runs programs in the background, allowing you to perform other tasks as well.

4. Is my data secure over VoIP?

Don’t just think that VoIP is something fancy; it guards you like a security guard. Whenever you download a smart VoIP app and start sharing your data, the communications are privately stored in the phone. No one access it except for yourself or with whom you share it. The apps provide military level encryption for the VoIP videos, data, texts and calls. VoIP apps understand that the user communicated data is to be protected by a secured network which uses a server side key encryption.

Using VoIP apps allow one to stay in contact with their friends and family in an affordable way, while keeping the communication lines open all the time. As long as you access a reliable and strong network, sharing your emotions and data over the VoIP would be easier than ever.

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