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A Simple Way To Keep In Touch – Cheap International Calls!

March 4, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Walking through the street heading towards the station to reach to my office is the morning routine of my 5 day professional life. But a sunny day in the midst of early march always slowed me to rush to the station. The sun warmth me as softly as the hugs of my mother who lives almost at 18hrs flight from New York.

Living abroad is not so easy - but the reality is this is life. People like me feel so low because the the grown distances between us and our families. Most of us came abroad for higher studies and then stayed here to earn a good life. The dream to earn load of bucks remained un-true and the distances between families are also increased year to year. 

All the immegrants always thought how to fill these distances. Necessity is the mother of invention. With advancement in the technology especially in the field of communication and voice communication in particular, it has brought forth a very affordable source of keeping in touch with your loved ones. No matter in which corner of the world you reside, you can always stay connected to them by making cheap international calls around the globe through VoIP app on your Smartphone.

Aside from the conventional calling cards, there is a much advanced cheaper alternative to stay close to your loved ones back your home country like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nigeria, Morocco, while staying in places such as United Kingdom, America, Australia, Canada and Middle East. One can also name it as an "efficient form of prepaid calling service", this particular medium offers a lot more than just affordable means of domestic and international communication, while keeping high standard quality of communication you deserve. The method is none other than calling through VoIP app using internet or Wi-1Fi on your Smartphone – offering cheap international calls.

VoIP app allows its users to buy cheap talk time. In order to avail proper international long distance calling, you can easily make it through your Smartphone, having a VoIP app. The major advantage of international calling through VoIP app is their inexpensive international calling rates. For example, some inexpensive call providers allow you to make a particular long distance call for as low as .06¢ per minute.

On an average, you can make the international call to any place in the world for as little as 2¢ per minute, isn't it amazing? Yes, of course it is. It is time to compare calling rates to what you are currently paying to your cellular package and notice how big the difference is between your local mobile operator and cheap call providers. In fact, research concludes that the rates offered 90% of saving on long distance phone calls. This is how the "single minute billing" works, unlike the landline and/or cellular operators.

Now you will be thinkging how you can make your cheap calls? Think less, Act More. In order to make a cheap international call, the primary needed element is to have a calling app on your Smartphone, like for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, etc. What makes the international calling through the VoIP app even better? Well established routes for voice travelling, world class hardware to through the traffic, dedicated technical team and business goal to achieve the customer trust are the key elements behind every cheap call you are offered to made through these inexpensive call providers.

Internet has revolutionzed the human life in many ways. Cheap international call providers are also using internet to keep the calling simple, affordable and inexpensive - especially when you are victims of calling card providers to make calls to your loved ones back home.

Talk time offered, by the cheap call providers, is per minute. Most of us pay for oversea calls per 30sec or less. Paying to such services always matter the talk time. Like if you bought 90sec on 2¢ / 30sec you have to actually pay 6¢ for 90sec. Instead, per minute call costs you less and gives you more talk time. you can easily talk back home, e.g. India, for just 1¢/60sec. This concludes to no rushing for a hurried conversation in order to utilize the talk time.

All in all, the international long distance calling service using internet or Wi-Fi on your Smartphone sets you free from the expensive calling rates. There are no hidden fees, short leashes; they offer hassle free recharge. Simply download VoIP app on your Smartphone and start cheap international calling to your loved ones.

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