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Trip to Europe : 4 Top destinations and cheap call rate app

March 6, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Ah, Europe! Once in a lifetime, every other person wishes to visit the magical and beautiful locations present in the continent of Europe. Europe is a wonder in itself. Add some of the famous and extraordinary locations, personalities and landscapes and voila – you get the mystical places of Europe. As amazing as the continent is, the biggest hurdle of all is choosing from the plethora of options which are given by Europe.

Another hurdle which travelers mainly face during the trips is making calls back home. Whether you are a working official or someone who is chilling with friends on an exotic trip, making a call back home is essential. In such case, cheap calling rates is what every travelers look for. VoIP apps on your Smartphone are the essential in case of traveling. Why? Because, if you are staying in Europe and you need to make phone calls to other countries, like x, Y, z, you need to have a VoIP app of the cheap international call rates services providers.

Coming back to Europe, here is a list of the top places which you may include in your traveling list. Remember, all you need is a sense of freedom and your smartphone having VoIP app of a cheap call rate service provider to enjoy these places:

1. Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera is one of the most beautiful locations present in Europe. Located in Italy, it is near to the gorgeous Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre connects five quaint villages. The walking routes connect the villages and next come the coastline. You can also do hiking at the hills present near the location.

The villages remain unaffected by the growing tourism. There are multiple Italian hotels and restaurants located nearby as well. Within reach, you can visit Genoa, Tuscany and Pisa as well. The best of all is that the location offers 3G for its mobile users. You can easily make international calls on cheap rates while standing on the beach or any nearby attractions.

2. Tuscany

Brace yourself with another Italian beauty, the Tuscany! The simple divine and stunning Tuscany will hold your breath once you stand on the property. The divine architecture and the culture are extremely intense. You should witness once in a lifetime experience by enjoying at the center of history – the Cathedral of Pisa.

Make sure you visit the nature reserves and sip the divine wines of the place. Share each enjoying moment with your friends and family by connecting with them through Social Media or make a call to them from Europe if you have smart VoIP app of the service provider of cheap call rates.

3. The Greek Islands

Greece is another sensational country to make a stop at while in Europe. You can visit a multiple places in Greece. From Aegean Sea to beaches, cliffs, blue domed churches and white homes – you can find countless beauty places in the Greek Islands. There is more than just sun-bathing. You can check the locations, culture and caves present on the Greek Islands and enjoy one of the best places in the Europe.

4. Rome

Every individual who makes a list of European holidays includes Rome. This is essential because it is one of the most beautiful and amazing capitals of
European. From the culture to their history, Rome has magic which everyone should once see in their lives. Check out the Arch of Constantine and Colosseum as the top places of Rome.

Visiting these places and many more should be a part of the plan when planning a trip to Europe. Don’t worry about informing back home while on the trip - you can connect with them easily if you have registered with VoIP providers to connect back home on cheap calls rates through their smart VoIP apps using Wi-Fi or 3G through your Smartphone.

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