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How to Get a Free Text Messaging App on Your Smartphone

March 12, 2014 by Soha Naveed

There is an enormous shift to smart phones recently. With technology reshaping our lives, smart phones continue to give us multiple benefits. Being the owner and user of a smart phone offers you additional freedom to interrupt faraway from obligatory rates and to save lots of cash. Due to VoIP technology, there are certain ways within which you'll be able to cut value on SMS text messages, avoiding the customarily steep text rates of GSM operators.

Following are the steps of how you can send and receive free text messages from your smart phone:

Step 1: Own a Smartphone

Of course, first you need your very own smart phone. Smart phones today come in different shapes and sizes and are packed with different features. Windows, Nokia, Android and iOS are the operating systems on which smart phones work. Each smart phone has its perks. You need to choose the smart phone as per your choice.

Step 2: Internet Access

The next thing you need is internet properties. Every other app that permits free SMS works on 3G and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi restricts the user from using the free texting app due to its limitation of range. In such case if you wish to send and get free texts from anywhere and anytime, you need to have a 3G data plan. Of course, this would come with a cost as well. But the best part is that messages consume a very small data, primarily 1 KB per message.

Step 3: Download the App

After you have chosen the smart phone with initial requirements, next what you need is a texting app which allows you to send and receive messages for free, like you can search for Yello, Skype or Viber in the app store. All and all, the apps offer free texting, calls and other various free services.

Step 4: Get Your Friends in Loop

The final step is to invite your friends and family on the app. This is needed as you can only text people for free if they have the same app as you use. For this, you need your buddies and other contacts to get the same app in their smart phones. This can cause limitations as some of your buddies may not be willing to download the app.

What Else Do These Apps Offer?

  • Easy Access

Most of the texting apps work on your mobile number. The mobile number is primarily used to identify the user. Thus is quite easy and handy as it makes texting pretty easy. The apps integrate to the contact list present in your smart phone and help in knowing the user know which contact is using the same app. Through this, you will easily send free texts to people already on this app.

  • Is it 100% Free?

Many apps present on various app stores allow receiving and sending text messages and these apps are free to use and download. They offer multiple free services, topped up with a few premium services that make the abstraction easy. So eventually, all you need to pay for is the data plan. These apps also allow the user to share multimedia files with messages like videos and pictures. These may east up your internet connectivity expense, but not a lot as the text message sent would be for free.

Conclusively, using apps on smart phones for free texting saves a lot! Download the app in the above mentioned ways and see how easier money saving gets.

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