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4 reasons to rock your world with cheap call via internet through Smartphone

March 13, 2014 by Soha Naveed

The internet connections we use today are getting cheaper day by day. Some have felt the change and implemented the lower charged packages, while others are still found paying around $30 a month, equal to 6 Mbit per a second. The movement of the internet towards an affordable range is a slow change, however, it is predictable seeing the way how inexpensive the internet is getting.

In many countries of the world today, for 100 Mbit connections, people play no more than $20. As a cheaper connection to the internet is starting to become a norm, considering Voice over IP – VoIP as a beneficial solution than the telephones and cellular phones is what people need to do. As a matter of fact, people have already started making calls through internet efficiently.

As a person who believes that internet calling covers multiple advantages, here are the four outlined reasons why calling via internet is going to be hitting trend and why this is the type of phone service people need now.

1. Internet calling: A wise investment

A person who runs a family and has a lot of financial responsibilities on his shoulders, he has to have an internet connection, a Wi-Fi router and then download an internet calling app on his Smartphone. Same has to be done by all those whom the person intent to call.

From this small investment, not only he but all the intent persons gets to save tones of their money which were spent on calling and telephone line packages. Through this, he could now have the luxury of calling friends and family people on cheap rates. Isn’t it interesting? This is exactly what calling through internet has in store for you.

VoIP – voice over IP services are also the number one contender for offering cheap calls through cheap call rates they provide. In contrast to the hard-line cellular and telephone services that are extremely expensive to maintain; it is the first reason to rock to those people who have internet connection. Now they should access the calling services at cheap rates even on the go.

2. Cheap International Calls: Possible through Internet calling

People who travel overseas a lot can take breath of relief now as internet calling saves their pocket as well. Internet calling offers cheap international calls from any location to anywhere in general and to your home in particular.

As compared to regular terrestrial cell lines and mobile calling packages, through internet, international calling is extremely cheap. Moreover, if you have a business set overseas or someone close living abroad, you can easily stay in touch with them through cheap international calls offered by internet call providers.

3. Unlimited Minutes: Only possible though internet calling

While many telecom subscribers get unlimited minutes through their calling plans, much of the world is still residing on limited calling minutes from their cell phones and landlines. An internet call provider in this case, offers unlimited options for its users. They allow the user to make as many calls as they want to through cheap international calling. The calls can be made to any other user you wish to reach.

4. Internet Calling is EVERYWHERE!

No matter you are in your home town, going abroad to see your partner, moving out of country for a business meet up – The only necessity you always keep is your Smartphone. Smart internet calling apps are available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. This means that you tag along your primary source of communication to any place you go.

With these reasons and tones of more, what’s not to love about Internet Calling?

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