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International Scholarships and Cheap Calls for Nigerian Students

March 14, 2014 by Soha Naveed

We live in a world where the living standards of people are reaching new peaks day by day. As the education standards also reach the clouds, people demand for the best education for themselves. In such cases, places like Nigeria face educational issues, especially in terms of undergraduate and post graduate education. Keeping the general scenario in mind, it is essential for the Nigerian youth to stand on their feet and apply for international universities, leaving their home and family behind for the good.

Surely, leaving your friends and family is a huge step, but you can always stay in touch with them through various means such as internet calling. On the brighter side of the coin, one will not only get good education, but will also allow them to move back to their motherland as civilized citizens who can bring laurels and changes to their country.

Historically, education was a very vital part of the Nigerian culture. The youth were taught wisely about the work, survival skills, social activities and the culture of course. The education was impacted on the children in an informal way as there were only a few centers which gave formal teachings to the youth.

Current Education System of Nigeria

Currently however, the demand for different universities is rising in Nigeria as the population rises as well. The schooling system fails to address the large number of youth. The literacy rate on the other hand stands on 61.3% for the adults and on 72.1% for the adults. This proves that there are not many options for the youth to get high standard education while living in Nigeria.

Seek the Opportunities for International Scholarships

In the world where countries are struggling to get on top of each other in terms of offering the best forms of education, it will be a waste for one to not invest in proper education. As expensive as it may sound, there are various opportunities for Nigerians. For those residing in Nigeria, there are multiple international universities offering scholarships. Here is a list of famous international universities and their scholarship offerings to Nigerian youth:

Applying on these programs and many more will allow you to get into a leading university in the world. The choice is all yours!

Stay Connected Back Home

I’ve seen a lot of people worry about communication when studying in an abroad country. When telephone systems fail to provide international calling and cellular companies continue sucking all of your money on expensive international calling rates, there is one savior we should all consider, especially the international students. The life guard is none other than VoIP.

Call Rates Comparsion To Nigeria

VoIP allow the user to make cheap international calls to not only Nigeria, but to any place in the world. Regardless of how expensive studying to an international university will get for a Nigerian local, using internet calling can save a lot of their money which can be used to somewhere more productive and beneficial for the student. You can easily talk to your friends and family back home and stay in touch with all the happenings, even when being miles away.

For a country like Nigeria, education is extremely important as it will raise the bar of the country in terms of meeting the development standards of the world. It is essential for every Nigerian to gain education in order to empower the country.

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