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How to cut your business’s communication budget?

March 18, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

What is the major step you take as an entrepreneur? Risk. Of course it’s the risk that you put in your business in the form of capital investment and time. Well that risk obviously demands a high payoff at the end; a return in the form of profit. Is that all you want from your business? Usually, yes it is. This is the basic purpose of starting up your business. Now what hindrances can cause this motive to fail? Definitely a poor cost control!

Not meeting the budget might be okay once or twice, but if this thing becomes a norm, it’s dangerous for your organization. It can in fact be disastrous! Businesses go bankrupt because of such problems and every small and medium enterprise failure makes the owner suffer. This is usually because of the unlimited liability that associates with an owner.

Communication cost - a major part of your budget

Now there are certain ways to cut the budget. But let’s talk about something that effects 45% of your business budget as a whole. The communication expense. The phone calls, the video conferencing and the important text messaging that surrounds an enterprise is something that really burdens the budget of an organization.

Using traditional fixed phones or mobile devices on package plans can really push the cost up. Frequent communication requirements with suppliers and customers and even inter office telecommunications is something that requires a huge budget. This makes it difficult for new or small-scale organizations to handle.

How do you handle such communication expenses at your firm? Cutting of a phone or two? Postponing or completely eradicating important correspondences in your business dealings? Well this is something that can really affect your business. Losing customers is not an option. Losing reliable suppliers is not a good idea.

Then what can be done? Call through internet is a completely new solution for this problem even if you want to make inexpensive international calls to connect globally.

How does internet calling help?

What is internet calling? It’s just the same communication done over the internet. Yes, you require a reliable internet connection at your office and you are good to go. Internet calling services can come on Smartphones, Tablets, Personal Computers or even fixed phones (land-line)! These services include cheap and good quality voice calls, reliable video communication and cheap text messages.

Whether it’s calling your colleague to confirm where a certain file is places or whether it’s confirming an order from your customers, internet calling services can really help you reduce that communication expense that has been a burden for you and your business. Low call rates with flawless voice calls seems like a dream and it can come true by installing VoIP servers in your organization.

Video conferencing is an important part for many businesses and using expensive technology means high costs for your company. Important business meetings need to be held almost every day in the globalized world and you can easily avail video calling with quality through their calling applications.

How does this all sum up? The effort you put in a business is not something that should be thrown to waste by your operation expenses. Such risk requires a high return and “call through internet” is the answer to your inflated communication budget.

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